International Trade and Investment Program Meeting

Stephen J. Redding, Organizer

December 2-3, 2022

JW Marriott Hotel, Penn Ave Terrace, 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC

Conference Code of Conduct

Friday, December 2
9:00 am
Continental Breakfast
9:30 am
Cem Çakmaklı, Koç University
Selva Demiralp, Koç University
Ṣebnem Kalemli-Özcan, University of Maryland and NBER
Sevcan Yeşiltaş, Koç University
Muhammed A. Yıldırım, Koç University

The Economic Case of Global Vaccinations
10:30 am
11:00 am
John Morgan, University of California, Berkeley
Justin Tumlinson, University of Exeter
Felix Vardy, International Monetary Fund

Bad Trade: The Loss of Domestic Varieties
12:00 pm
Lunch Speaker: Chad Bown, Peterson Institute for International Economics
Semiconductors and US Export Controls
(this talk will not be available virtually)
1:00 pm
Jaedo Choi, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Andrei A. Levchenko, University of Michigan and NBER

The Long-Term Effects of Industrial Policy
2:00 pm
2:15 pm
Xiang Ding, Georgetown University

Industry Linkages from Joint Production
3:15 pm
3:30 pm
Laura Alfaro, Harvard University and NBER
Maggie Chen, George Washington University
Davin Chor, Dartmouth College and NBER

Can Evidence-Based Information Shift Preferences Towards Trade Policy? (slides)
4:30 pm
4:45 pm
Kirill Borusyak, University of California, Berkeley
Rafael Dix-Carneiro, Duke University and NBER
Brian K. Kovak, Carnegie Mellon University and NBER

Understanding Migration Responses to Local Shocks
5:45 pm
6:30 pm
Dinner at the JW Marriott Hotel, Senate Room
Saturday, December 3
8:30 am
Continental Breakfast
9:00 am
Emmanuel Dhyne, National Bank of Belgium
Ken Kikkawa, University of British Columbia and NBER
Toshiaki Komatsu, University of Chicago
Magne Mogstad, University of Chicago and NBER
Felix Tintelnot, University of Chicago and NBER

Foreign Demand Shocks to Production Networks: Firm Responses and Worker Impacts
10:00 am
10:15 am
Federico Huneeus, Central Bank of Chile
Kory Kroft, University of Toronto and NBER
Kevin Lim, University of Toronto

Earnings Inequality in Production Networks
11:15 am
11:30 am
Hamid Firooz, University of Rochester

The Pro-Competitive Consequences of Trade in Frictional Labor Markets
12:30 pm
1:30 pm
Barthélémy Bonadio, New York University Abu Dhabi
Zhen Huo, Yale University
Andrei A. Levchenko, University of Michigan and NBER
Nitya Pandalai-Nayar, University of Texas at Austin and NBER

Globalization, Structural Change and International Comovement
2:30 pm