Law and Economics Program Meeting

Christine Jolls, Organizer

March 8, 2024

Authors: 30 minutes, Discussants: 12-13 minutes, Audience Q&A: remaining time

Conference Code of Conduct

Friday, March 8
Coffee and Pastries
9:30 am
Yeon-Koo Che, Columbia University
Jinwoo Kim, Seoul National University
Konrad Mierendorff, University College London

Predictive Enforcement
Discussant: Bernardo S. Silveira, University of California, Los Angeles
10:40 am
Benjamin Feigenberg, University of Illinois at Chicago and NBER
Conrad Miller, University of California, Berkeley and NBER

Class-Based Disparities and Discrimination in Traffic Stops and Searches (slides)
Discussant: Steven Mello, Dartmouth College and NBER
11:35 am
Gunjan Seth, University of Southern California

Do Rights Offerings Reduce Bargaining Complexity in Chapter 11?
Discussant: Edward Morrison, Columbia University and NBER
1:30 pm
William O. Matcham, London School of Economics
Mark Schankerman, London School of Economics

Screening Property Rights for Innovation
Discussant: Gauri Subramani, Lehigh University
2:40 pm
Decio Coviello, HEC Montreal
Erika Deserranno, Northwestern University
Nicola Persico, Northwestern University and NBER

Gender Differences in Worker Response to the Minimum Wage
Discussant: Paul Oyer, Stanford University and NBER
3:35 pm
Zehua Li, Stanford Law School
Julian Nyarko, Stanford University
Sarath Sanga, Yale University

The Terms of Freedom: Black Labor Contracts in the Reconstruction South (slides)
Discussant: Albert Choi, University of Michigan