Industrial Organization Program Meeting

Jonathan D. Levin, Katja Seim, and Philip Haile, Organizers

January 29-30, 2016

SIEPR at Stanford University

Conference Code of Conduct

Friday, January 29
Matthew L. Gentry, London School of Economics
Tatiana Komarova, London School of Economics
Pasquale Schiraldi, London School of Economics

Simultaneous First-Price Auctions with Preferences over Combinations: Identi cation, Estimation and Application
Sofia Villas-Boas, University of California at Berkeley

The Impact of Retail Mergers on Food Prices: Evidence from France
Dominic Coey, Facebook
Bradley Larsen, Stanford University and NBER
Kane Sweeney, eBay Research Labs

The Bidder Exclusion Effect
Saturday, January 30
Mark L. Egan, Harvard University and NBER
Ali Hortaçsu, University of Chicago and NBER
Gregor Matvos, Northwestern University and NBER

Deposit Competition and Financial Fragility: Evidence from the US Banking Sector
Michael Dinerstein, University of Chicago and NBER
Troy D. Smith, Stanford University

Quantifying the Supply Response of Private Schools to Public Policies
Mar Reguant, Northwestern University and NBER

Bounding Equilibria in Counterfactual Analysis
Amit Gandhi, Airbnb
Jean-François Houde, University of Wisconsin-Madison and NBER

Measuring Substitution Patterns in Differentiated Products Industries