Environmental and Energy Policy and the Economy Conference

Matthew Kotchen, James H. Stock, and Catherine Wolfram, Organizers

May 21, 2020

Virtual conference on zoom.us

Conference Code of Conduct

Thursday, May 21
Presentations will be 25-30 minutes followed by a Q&A for the remaining 15-20 minutes
9:15 am
Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:30 am
Robert S. Pindyck, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER

What We Know and Don't Know about Climate Change, and the Implications for Policy (slides)
10:15 am
Shaikh M. Eskander, London School of Economics
Sam Fankhauser, University of Oxford
Joana Setzer, London School of Economics

Lessons from Global Trends in Climate Change Legislation and Litigation (slides)
11:00 am
11:15 am
Adele Morris, Fedeeral Reserve Board
Noah Kaufman, Council of Economic Advisers
Siddhi Doshi, Tufts University

Revenue at Risk in Coal-Reliant Counties (slides)
12:00 pm
12:15 pm
Featured Speaker: Ted Halstead, Climate Leadership Council
A Climate Solution Where All Sides Can Win
1:15 pm
Joseph E. Aldy, Harvard University and NBER
Matthew Kotchen, Yale University and NBER
Mary F. Evans, University of Texas at Austin
Meredith Fowlie, University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Arik Levinson, Georgetown University and NBER
Karen Palmer, Resources for the Future

Co-Benefits and Regulatory Impact Analysis: Theory and Evidence from Federal Air Quality Regulations
2:00 pm
Tatyana Deryugina, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and NBER
Nolan H. Miller, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and NBER
David Molitor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and NBER
Julian Reif, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and NBER

Geographic and Socioeconomic Heterogeneity in the Benefits of Reducing Air Pollution in the United States (slides)
2:45 pm
3:00 pm
Oliver Browne, Berkeley Research Group
Ludovica Gazze, University of Warwick
Michael Greenstone, University of Chicago and NBER

Do Conservation Policies Work? Evidence from Residential Water Use (slides)
3:45 pm