SI 2022 Personnel Economics

Mitchell Hoffman, Kathryn L. Shaw, and Raffaella Sadun, Organizers

July 27-28, 2022

Skyline Rooms CDE

Royal Sonesta Hotel, 40 Edwin H. Land Blvd., Cambridge, MA 02142 and

Conference Code of Conduct

Wednesday, July 27
12:00 pm
12:45 pm
Robert D. Metcalfe, University of Southern California and NBER
Chad Syverson, University of Chicago and NBER
Alexandre B. Sollaci, International Monetary Fund

Managers and Productivity in Retail
1:20 pm
Ann P. Bartel, Columbia University and NBER
James M. Jedras, Stanford University
Elena Pastorino, Stanford University and NBER
Kathryn L. Shaw, Stanford University and NBER

The Value of Managers
1:55 pm
2:05 pm
Abi Adams, University of Oxford
Kristiina Huttunen, Aalto University
Emily E. Nix, University of Southern California
Ning Zhang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Violence Against Women at Work
2:40 pm
Laura E. Boudreau, Columbia University
Sylvain Chassang, Princeton University and NBER
Ada Gonzalez-Torres, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Rachel M. Heath, University of Washington, Seattle

Monitoring Harassment in Organizations
3:15 pm
3:30 pm
Daniel Hedblom, The University of Chicago
Brent R. Hickman, Washington University in St. Louis
John A. List, University of Chicago and NBER

Toward an Understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility: Theory and Field Experimental Evidence
4:05 pm
Silvia F. Castro, LMU Munich
Florian Englmaier, University of Munich
Maria Guadalupe, INSEAD

Fostering Psychological Safety in Teams: Evidence from an RCT
4:40 pm
Jason A. Sockin, University of Pennsylvania

Show Me the Amenity: Are Higher-Paying Firms Better All Around?
5:15 pm
6:30 pm
Dinner in Honor of Edward Lazear (Room Charles AB)
Thursday, July 28
8:30 am
Coffee and Pastries
9:15 am
Michael Waldman, Cornell University
Zhenda Yin, Peking University

Promotions, Adverse Selection, and Efficiency
9:50 am
Christian Dustmann, University College London
Thomas Cornelissen, University of Essex
Uta Schönberg, University College London

Knowledge Spillover, Tournaments and Individual Careers
10:25 am
10:40 am
Anders Frederiksen, Aarhus University
Daniel Baltzer Schjødt Hansen, Aarhus University
Colleen Flaherty Manchester , University of Minnesota

Does Group-Based Incentive Pay Lead to Higher Productivity? Evidence from a Complex and Interdependent Industrial Production Process
11:15 am
Joseph R. Blasi, Rutgers University
Douglas L. Kruse, Rutgers University and NBER

Capital Income as a Share of Compensation (slides)
11:50 am
Jason Sandvik, Tulane University
Richard Saouma, Michigan State University
Nathan Seegert, University of Utah
Christopher T. Stanton, Harvard University and NBER

Should Workplace Programs be Voluntary or Mandatory? Evidence from a Field Experiment on Mentorship
12:25 pm
Afternoon joint with Labor Studies (Ballroom B)
1:15 pm
Ingrid Haegele, LMU Munich

The Broken Rung: Gender and the Leadership Gap
1:50 pm
Alan M. Benson, University of Minnesota
Louis-Pierre Lepage, Stockholm University

Learning to Discriminate on the Job
2:25 pm
Itzik Fadlon, University of California, San Diego and NBER
Frederik Plesner Lyngse, University of Copenhagen
Torben Heien Nielsen, University of Copenhagen

Causal Effects of Early Career Sorting on Labor and Marriage Market Choices: A Foundation for Gender Disparities and Norms
3:00 pm