SI 2021 Crime

Philip J. Cook, Jens Ludwig, and Crystal Yang, Organizers

July 21-23, 2021


Conference Code of Conduct

Wednesday, July 21
Format: 25 minutes for presenters, 10 minutes for the discussant, 15 minutes for Q&A
10:30 am
Tom Kirchmaier, London School of Economics
Stephen Machin, London School of Economics
Matteo Sandi, London School of Economics
Robert Witt, University of Surrey

Productivity and Teamwork: Crew Size Effects in Policing
Discussant: Giovanni Mastrobuoni, Collegio Carlo Alberto
11:20 am
Yotam Shem-Tov, University of California, Los Angeles
Steven Raphael, University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Alissa Skog, University of California, Berkeley

Can Restorative Justice Conferencing Reduce Recidivism? Evidence From The Make It Right Program
Discussant: Heather Strang, University of Cambridge
12:10 pm
12:30 pm
David Abrams, University of Pennsylvania
Hanming Fang, University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Priyanka Goonetilleke, University of Pennsylvania

Do Cops Know Who to Stop? Assessing Optimizing Models of Police Behavior with a Natural Experiment
Discussant: Conrad Miller, University of California, Berkeley and NBER
1:20 pm
Aaron Chalfin, University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Felipe M. Gonçalves, University of California, Los Angeles and NBER

The Professional Motivations of Police Officers
Discussant: Emily G. Owens, University of California, Irvine
2:10 pm
Thursday, July 22
10:30 am
John Guyton, Internal Revenue Service
Patrick Langetieg, Internal Revenue Service
Daniel Reck, University of Maryland and NBER
Max Risch, Carnegie Mellon University
Gabriel Zucman, University of California, Berkeley and NBER

Tax Evasion at the Top of the Income Distribution: Theory and Evidence
Discussant: Joel Slemrod, University of Michigan and NBER
11:20 am
Shamena Anwar, RAND Corporation
Patrick Bayer, Duke University and NBER
Randi Hjalmarsson, University of Gothenburg

Unequal Jury Representation and Its Consequences
Discussant: Shari Diamond, Northwestern University
12:10 pm
12:30 pm
Keynote Address
Kathyrn Edin, Princeton University

The Tenuous Attachments of Working Class Men (slides)
1:20 pm
Amanda Y. Agan, Rutgers University and NBER
Andrew Garin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and NBER
Dmitri K. Koustas, University of Chicago
Alexandre Mas, University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Crystal Yang, Harvard University and NBER

The Impact of Criminal Records on Employment, Earnings, and Tax Outcomes
(not available on livestream)
Discussant: Jamein P. Cunningham, University of Texas at Austin
2:10 pm
Friday, July 23
10:30 am
Jesse M. Bruhn, Brown University

Competition in the Black Market: Estimating the Causal Effect of Gangs in Chicago
Discussant: Maria Micaela Sviatschi, Princeton University and NBER
11:20 am
Anna Bindler, University of Cologne
Randi Hjalmarsson, University of Gothenburg
Nadine Ketel, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Andreea Mitrut, University of Gothenburg

Discontinuities in the Age-Victimization Profile and the Determinants of Victimization
Discussant: Benjamin Hansen, University of Oregon and NBER
12:10 pm
12:30 pm
Peter Hull, Brown University and NBER

What Marginal Outcome Tests Can Tell Us About Racially Biased Decision-Making
Discussant: Jonah Gelbach, University of California at Berkeley
1:20 pm
Gaurav Khanna, University of California, San Diego
Jorge A. Tamayo, Harvard University
Anant Nyshadham, University of Michigan and NBER
Carlos Medina, Banco de la Republica de Colombia

Formal Employment and Organized Crime: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Colombia
Discussant: Santiago Tobon, Universidad EAFIT
2:10 pm