SI 2019 Children

Janet Currie and Anna Aizer, Organizers

July 25-26, 2019

Parkview Room

Royal Sonesta Hotel, Edwin H. Land Blvd., Cambridge, MA

Conference Code of Conduct

Wednesday, July 24
6:00 pm
Clambake at the Royal Sonesta Hotel
Thursday, July 25
8:30 am
Coffee and Pastries
9:00 am
Maya Rossin-Slater, Stanford University and NBER
Molly Schnell, Northwestern University and NBER
Hannes Schwandt, Northwestern University and NBER
Sam Trejo, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Lindsey M. Uniat, Yale University

Exposure to School Shootings Raises Youth Antidepressant Use
9:50 am
10:20 am
Signe A. Abrahamsen, University of Bergen
Rita Ginja, University of Bergen
Julie Riise, University of Bergen

School Health Programs: Education, Health, and Welfare Dependency of Young Adults
11:10 am
Shooshan Danagoulian, Wayne State University
Daniel S. Grossman, West Virginia University and NBER

Office Visits Preventing Emergency Room Visits: Evidence from the Flint Water Switch
12:00 pm
Afternoon joint with Labor Studies, Ballroom B
1:05 pm
Michael Baker, University of Toronto and NBER
Kirsten Cornelson, University of Notre Dame

The Tall and the Short of the Returns to Height
1:50 pm
Nathaniel Hendren, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
Benjamin D. Sprung-Keyser, Harvard University

A Unified Welfare Analysis of Government Policies
2:35 pm
2:50 pm
Andrew Goodman-Bacon, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and NBER
Jamein P. Cunningham, University of Texas at Austin

Changes in Family Structure and Welfare Participation Since the 1960s: The Role of Legal Services
3:35 pm
Bruce D. Meyer, University of Chicago and NBER
Derek Wu, University of Virginia
Victoria R. Mooers, Columbia University
Carla Medalia, U.S. Census Bureau

The Use and Misuse of Income Data and Extreme Poverty in the United States (slides)
4:20 pm
Friday, July 26
8:00 am
Coffee and Pastries
8:30 am
Martha J. Bailey, University of California, Los Angeles and NBER
Tanya S. Byker, Middlebury College
Elena Patel, University of Utah
Shanthi P. Ramnath, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

The Long-term Effects of California's 2004 Paid Family Leave Act on Women's Careers: Evidence from U.S. Tax Data
9:20 am
Meltem Daysal, University of Copenhagen
Michael F. Lovenheim, Cornell University and NBER
Nikolaj Siersbaek, Copenhagen Economics

Home Prices, Fertility, and Early-Life Health Outcomes
10:10 am
10:30 am
Yiqun Chen, University of Illinois at Chicago and NBER
Petra Persson, Stanford University and NBER
Maria Polyakova, Stanford University and NBER

The Roots of Health Inequality and the Value of Intra-family Expertise
11:20 am
Richard Akresh, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and NBER
Daniel Halim, The World Bank
Marieke Kleemans, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Long-term and Intergenerational Effects of Education: Evidence from School Construction in Indonesia
12:10 pm
1:10 pm
Michael Greenstone, University of Chicago and NBER
Avraham Ebenstein, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Childhood Exposure to Particulate Air Pollution, Human Capital Accumulation, and Income: Evidence from China
2:00 pm
Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, Northwestern University and NBER
Mary Zaki, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Increasing Children's Access to Breakfast
2:50 pm
3:00 pm
Robert Collinson, University of Notre Dame
Davin K. Reed, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

The Effects of Evictions on Low-Income Families
3:50 pm
Jocelyn S. Wikle, Brigham Young University
Riley Wilson, Brigham Young University

Publicly Provided Preschool and Maternal Labor Supply: Evidence from Three Head Start Natural Experiments
4:40 pm