International Finance and Macroeconomics Program Meeting

Yan Bai and Oleg Itskhoki, Organizers

March 11, 2022

Conference Code of Conduct

Friday, March 11
8:30 am
Continental Breakfast
9:00 am
Mitali Das, International Monetary Fund
Gita Gopinath, International Monetary Fund
Ṣebnem Kalemli-Özcan, University of Maryland and NBER

Preemptive Policies and Risk-Off Shocks in Emerging Markets (slides)
Discussant: Charles Engel, University of Wisconsin-Madison and NBER
10:00 am
10:15 am
Michael B. Devereux, University of British Columbia and NBER
Steve Pak Yeung Wu, University of California, San Diego

Foreign Reserves Management and Original Sin
Discussant: Javier Bianchi, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
11:15 am
Juan M. Morelli, Federal Reserve Board
Matias Moretti, Princeton University

Information Frictions, Reputation, and Sovereign Spreads
Discussant: Harold L. Cole, University of Pennsylvania and NBER
12:15 pm
Lunch - Somerset Room
1:15 pm
Ester Faia, Goethe University Frankfurt
Juliana Salomao, University of Minnesota and NBER
Alexia Ventula Veghazy, European Central Bank

Granular Investors and International Bond Prices: Scarcity Induced Safety
Discussant: Gordon Y. Liao, Federal Reserve Board
2:15 pm
Laura Alfaro, Harvard University and NBER
Mauricio Calani, Central Bank of Chile
Liliana Varela, London School of Economics

Currency Hedging: Managing Cash Flow Exposure
Discussant: Galina Hale, University of California, Santa Cruz and NBER
3:15 pm
3:45 pm
Zhengyang Jiang, Northwestern University and NBER
Arvind Krishnamurthy, Stanford University and NBER
Hanno Lustig, Stanford University and NBER
Jialu Sun, Stanford University

Beyond Incomplete Spanning: Convenience Yields and Exchange Rate Disconnect
Discussant: Andrew Atkeson, University of California, Los Angeles and NBER
4:45 pm
Ryan Chahrour, Cornell University
Vito Cormun, Santa Clara University
Pierre De Leo, University of Maryland
Pablo A. Guerrón-Quintana, Boston College
Rosen Valchev, Boston College

Exchange Rate Disconnect Redux (slides)
Discussant: Mikkel Plagborg-Møller, Princeton University
5:45 pm