Economic Fluctuations and Growth Program Meeting

Gabriel Chodorow-Reich and Ayşegül Şahin, Organizers

February 23, 2024

The format will be 20 minutes for the author, 20 minutes for the discussant, and 20 minutes for general discussion.

Conference Code of Conduct

Friday, February 23
8:30 am
Continental Breakfast
9:00 am
Vittorio Bassi, University of Southern California and NBER
Jung Hyuk Lee, University of Southern California
Alessandra Peter, New York University and NBER
Tommaso Porzio, Columbia University and NBER
Ritwika Sen, Northwestern University
Esau Tugume, BRAC Uganda

Self-Employment within the Firm
Discussant: Claudia Macaluso, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
10:00 am
10:15 am
Johannes Boehm, Sciences Po
Etienne Fize, Paris School of Economics
Xavier Jaravel, London School of Economics

Five Facts about MPCs: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment
Discussant: Corina Boar, New York University and NBER
11:15 am
11:30 am
Asger L. Andersen, University of Copenhagen
Kilian Huber, University of Chicago and NBER
Niels Johannesen, University of Oxford
Ludwig Straub, Harvard University and NBER
Emil Toft Vestergaard, Danmarks Nationalbank

Disaggregated Economic Accounts
Discussant: Hassan Afrouzi, Columbia University and NBER
12:30 pm
Lunch - First Floor Dining Room
1:30 pm
Mohamad Adhami, Stanford University
Mark Bils, University of Rochester and NBER
Charles I. Jones, Stanford University and NBER
Peter J. Klenow, Stanford University and NBER

Population and Welfare: The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number
Discussant: Richard Rogerson, Princeton University and NBER
2:30 pm
2:45 pm
Oriana Bandiera, London School of Economics
Ananya Kotia, London School of Economics
Ilse Lindenlaub, Yale University and NBER
Christian Moser, Columbia University and NBER
Andrea Prat, Columbia University and NBER

Meritocracy across Countries
Discussant: Christopher Tonetti, Stanford University and NBER
3:45 pm
4:00 pm
Eduardo Dávila, Yale University and NBER
Andreas Schaab, Princeton University

Welfare Accounting
Discussant: Anmol Bhandari, University of Minnesota and NBER
5:00 pm