Economic Fluctuations and Growth Research Meeting

Ufuk Akcigit and Sydney C. Ludvigson, Organizers

February 28, 2020

Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Benjamin Strong Room, 10th Floor, 33 Liberty Street, New York, NY

Conference Code of Conduct

Thursday, February 27
6:30 pm
Dinner, Federal Reserve Bank of New York (East Wing)
Participants should enter at 44 Maiden Lane for the dinner.
Friday, February 28
The meeting format for each paper will be a 15-minute presentation by the author, followed by one 20-minute discussion, and then another 25 minutes of general audience discussion.
8:30 am
Continental Breakfast
9:00 am
Leena Rudanko, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Firm Wages in a Frictional Labor Market
Discussant: Christopher K. Huckfeldt, Cornell University
10:00 am
10:15 am
Germán Gutiérrez, New York University
Thomas Philippon, New York University and NBER

How EU Markets Became More Competitive Than US Markets: A Study of Institutional Drift
Discussant: Nicolas Crouzet, Northwestern University
11:15 am
11:30 am
Matthew Smith, Department of the Treasury
Owen M. Zidar, Princeton University and NBER
Eric Zwick, University of Chicago and NBER

Top Wealth in the United States: New Estimates and Implications for Taxing the Rich
Discussant: Ellen McGrattan, University of Minnesota and NBER
12:30 pm
Lunch - Liberty Dining Room, 1st Floor
1:30 pm
Rohan Kekre, University of Chicago and NBER
Moritz Lenel, Princeton University

Monetary Policy, Redistribution, and Risk Premia
Discussant: Francesco Bianchi, Johns Hopkins University and NBER
2:30 pm
2:45 pm
Konrad B. Burchardi, IIES, Stockholm University
Thomas Chaney, Sciences Po
Tarek Alexander Hassan, Boston University and NBER
Lisa Tarquinio, University of Western Ontario
Stephen J. Terry, Boston University and NBER

Immigration, Innovation, and Growth (slides)
Discussant: Michael Peters, Yale University and NBER
3:45 pm
4:00 pm
Fatih Karahan, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Serdar Ozkan, University of Toronto
Jae Song, Social Security Administration

Anatomy of Lifetime Earnings Inequality: Heterogeneity in Job Ladder Risk vs. Human Capital
Discussant: Richard Rogerson, Princeton University and NBER
5:00 pm