CRIW Pre-Conference: Measuring and Accounting for Environmental Public Goods

Mary Bohman, Eli Fenichel, and Nicholas Z. Muller, Organizers

September 23, 2022

Format: 10 minutes for the author; 10 minutes for general discussion.

Conference Code of Conduct

Friday, September 23
9:00 am
Session I: Theory of Natural Capital Valuation
9:05 am
Moritz A. Drupp, University of Hamburg
Jasper N. Meya, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)

Heterogeneous Substitutability and the Value of Environmental Public Goods
9:25 am
Comments on US Natural Capital Accounting Strategic Plan by Eli Fenichel, Yale University
Session II: Measurement and New Data
9:45 am
Julie L. Hass, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Tina Highfill, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Dennis Fixler, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Kelly M. Wentland, George Mason University
Scott A. Wentland, Bureau of Economic Analysis

Accounting for Environmental Activity: Measuring Public Environmental Expenditures and the Environmental Goods and Services Sector in the U.S. (slides)
10:05 am
10:15 am
Matthew K. Agarwala, University of Cambridge
Diane Coyle, University of Cambridge
Cristina Penasco, University of Cambridge
Dimitri Zenghelis, University of Cambridge

Taking Climate Risk Seriously in Economic Policy (slides)
10:35 am
Cristián Ducoing, Lund University
Eoin McLaughlin, University College Cork
Les Oxley, University of Waikato

Tracing Sustainability in the Long Run. Genuine Savings Estimates 1850 - 2018 (slides)
10:55 am
Jonathan M. Colmer, University of Virginia
Kendall A. Houghton, US Census Bureau
Cameron Scalera, University of Virginia
John L. Voorheis, US Census Bureau
Jennifer R. Withrow, US Census Bureau
Eva Lyubich, US Census Bureau

Building a Microdata Infrastructure to Study Environmental Risk and Inequality: The Census Environmental Impacts Frame
11:15 am
Session III: Accounting for Climate in Forestry and Agriculture
11:25 am
Kenneth Bagstad, US Geological Survey
Clyde F. Casey, US Geological Survey
Christopher Mihiar, USDA Forest Service
Charles Rhodes, US Geological Survey
Christopher Sichko, REE-ERS
Travis W. Warziniack, USDA Forest Service

Natural Capital Accounting on Forested Lands (slides)
11:45 am
Michael Willox, Statistics Canada

Climate Change and Its Implications for Agricultural Productivity and Adaptation
12:05 pm
Session IV: Valuation of Coastal Environmental Assets
12:15 pm
Ethan T. Addicott, University of Exeter Business School

The Value and Configuration of Coastal Natural Capital
12:35 pm
Joseph Conran, NOAA
Monica Grasso, NOAA
Jeffrey Wielgus, NOAA
Jennifer Zhuang, NOAA

Accounting for Natural Inputs in the Marine Economy Satellite Account
12:55 pm