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NBER Working Papers and Publications

April 2003Unnatural Selection: Perverse Incentives and the Misallocation of Credit in Japan
with Eric S. Rosengren: w9643

Published: Peek, Joe and Eric S. Rosengren. "Unnatural Selection: Perverse Incentives And The Misallocation Of Credit In Japan," American Economic Review, 2005, v95(4,Sep), 1144-1166. citation courtesy of

January 2001Synergies between Bank Supervision and Monetary Policy: Implications for the Design of Bank Regulatory Structure
with Eric S. Rosengren, Geoffrey M. B. Tootell
in Prudential Supervision: What Works and What Doesn't, Frederic S. Mishkin, editor
August 2000Troubled Banks, Impaired Foreign Direct Investment: The Role of Relative Access to Credit
with Michael Klein, Eric Rosengren: w7845

Published: Klein, Michael W., Joe Peek and Eric P. Rosengren. "Troubled Banks, Impaired Foreign Investment: The Role Of Relative Access To Credit," American Economic Review, 2002, v92(3,Jun), 664-682. citation courtesy of

July 1999Determinants of the Japan Premium: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
with Eric S. Rosengren: w7251

Published: Peek, Joe & Rosengren, Eric S., 2001. "Determinants of the Japan premium: actions speak louder than words," Journal of International Economics, Elsevier, vol. 53(2), pages 283-305, April. citation courtesy of

July 1989Treasury Bill Rates in the 1970s and 1980s
with Patric H. Hendershott: w3036

Published: Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Vol. 24, No. 2, 1992 pp. 195-214 citation courtesy of

Interest Rates in the Reagan Years
with Patric H. Hendershott: w3037

Published: Sahn, Anandi P. and Ronald L. Tracy (eds.) The Economic Legacy of the Reagan Years: Euphoria or Chaos? Westport, Conn. and London: Greenwood, Praeger, 1991.

1989Aggregate U.S. Private Saving: Conceptual Measures
with Patric H. Hendershott
in The Measurement of Saving, Investment, and Wealth, Robert E. Lipsey and Helen Stone Tice, editors
June 1987Private Saving in the United States: 1950-85
with Patric H. Hendershott: w2294

Published: In The Measurement of Saving, Investment and Wealth, Robert Lipsey and Helen Tice, eds. Studies in Income and Wealth, vol 52, University of Chicago press, 1989.

1985Taxable and Tax-Exempt Interest Rates: The Role of Personal and Corporate Tax Rates
with James A. Wilcox: w1544

Published: Peek, Joe and James A. Wilcox. "Tax Rates and Interest Rates on Tax-Exempt Securities." New England Economic Review, (January/February 1986) pp. 29-41 .

June 1984The Reaction of Reduced-Form Coefficients to Regime Changes: The Case of Interest Rates
with James A. Wilcox: w1379
Household Saving: An Econometric Investigation
with Patric H. Hendershott: w1383

Published: Hendershott, Patric H. and Joe Peek. "Household Saving: An Econometric Investigation." From The Level and Composition of Household Saving, editedby Patric H. Hendershott, pp. 63-100. Cambridge, MA: Ballinger Publishing Co., 1985.

May 1984The Degree of Fiscal Illusion in Interest Rates: Some Direct Estimates
with James A. Wilcox: w1358

Published: Peek Joe and James A. Wilcox. "The Degree of Fiscal Illusion in Interest Rates: Some Direct Estimates." American Economic Review, Vol. 74, No. 5, ( December 1984), pp.1061 1066. citation courtesy of

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