Slides Upload: Economics of Electricity Markets and Regulation Workshop

May 28-29, 2019

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  • Shaun McRae [upload slides] ,
    Market Power in Cost-Based Wholesale Electricity Markets: Evidence from Mexico
  • David S. Rapson [upload slides] ,
    Do Electricity Rates Affect Energy Efficiency Investment? Empirical Evidence
  • Ignacia Mercadal, Alexander MacKay [upload slides] ,
    Shades of Integration: The Restructuring of the U.S. Electricity Markets
  • James E. Archsmith [upload slides] ,
    Adjustment on the Margin: Evaluating Emissions Reduction Policies in the Face of Short-Run Adjustment Costs
    Discussant: Erin T. Mansur [upload slides]
  • David P. Byrne, Leslie A. Martin, Jia Sheen Nah [upload slides] ,
    Price Discrimination, Search, and Negotiation in an Oligopoly: A Field Experiment in Retail Electricity
    Discussant: Severin Borenstein [upload slides]
  • Mar Reguant [upload slides] ,
    Renewables, Market Design and Competition
    Discussant: James B. Bushnell [upload slides]
  • Gordon W. Leslie, Akshaya Jha [upload slides] ,
    How does Rooftop Solar Penetration Affect Generator Efficiency and Market Power?
  • Blake C. Shaffer [upload slides] ,
    Misunderstanding Nonlinear Prices: Evidence from a Natural Experiment on Residential Electricity Demand
    Discussant: Arik Levinson [upload slides]
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