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Chinese Economy Meeting

Hanming Fang and Shang-Jin Wei, Organizers

October 4-5, 2013

2nd Floor Conference Room
1050 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA


Participant List

Friday, October 4:

7:45 am

Shuttle vans (2) depart from the hotel for the NBER

8:00 am

Continental Breakfast

8:45 am


9:00 am

Raymond Fisman, Columbia University and NBER
Yongxiang Wang, University of Southern California
The Mortality Cost of Political Connections

Discussant:  Xiaobo Zhang
, International Food Policy Research Institute

10:00 am


10:20 am

Chang-Tai Hsieh, University of Chicago and NBER
Zheng Michael Song, University of Chicago
Grasp the Large, Let Go of the Small: The Transformation of the State Sector in China

Discussant:  Hui He, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

11:20 am


11:40 am

Di Guo, University of Hong Kong
Kun Jiang, University of Hong Kong
Byung-Yeon Kim, Seoul National University
Chenggang Xu, University of Hong Kong
The Political Economy of Private Firms in China

Discussant:  Yasheng Huang
, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

12:40 pm


Speaker:  Richard Freeman, Harvard University and NBER

1:50 pm

Lin Ji
, Tsinghua University
Shang-Jin Wei, Columbia University and NBER
Learning from an Apparent Surprise: When can Stronger Labor Protection Improve Productivity?

Discussant:  Richard Freeman, Harvard University and NBER

2:50 pm


3:10 pm

Chunxin Jia, Peking University
Yaping Wang, Peking University
Wei Xiong, Princeton University and NBER
How Local and Foreign Investors React to Public News

Discussant:  Jun Qian
, Boston College

4:10 pm


4:30 pm

Emi Nakamura, Columbia University and NBER
Jón Steinsson, Columbia University and NBER
Miao Liu, Columbia University
Are Chinese Growth and Inflation Too Smooth? Evidence from Engel Curves

Discussant:  Xiaodong Zhu, University of Toronto

5:30 pm


5:30 pm

Shuttle vans (2) depart from the NBER for the hotel

7:00 pm

The Similans Restaurant
145 First Street
Cambridge, MA

Saturday, October 5:

7:45 am

Shuttle vans (2) depart from the hotel for the NBER

8:00 am

Continental Breakfast

8:30 am

Jing Cai, University of Michigan
Changcheng Song, National University of Singapore
Do Hypothetical Experiences Affect Real Financial Decisions? Evidence from Insurance Take-Up

Discussant:  Dennis Tao Yang, University of Virginia

9:30 am

Kyle Handley, University of Michigan
Nuno Limao, University of Maryland and NBER
Policy Uncertainty, Trade and Welfare: Theory and Evidence for China and the U.S.

Justin Pierce, Federal Reserve Board

10:30 am


10:50 am

Ying Fan, University of Michigan
Jiandong Ju, University of Oklahoma
Mo Xiao, University of Arizona
Losing to Win: Reputation Management of Online Sellers

Discussant:  Ginger Jin, University of Maryland and NBER

11:50 am

Erwin Bulte, Wageningen University
Lihe Xu, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China
Xiaobo Zhang, International Food Policy Research Institute
Does Aid Promote or Hinder Industrial Development? Quake Lessons from China

Discussant:  Nancy Qian, Yale University and NBER

12:50 pm

Lunch and Adjourn

Instructions to presenters and discussants:

Authors: 30 minutes per paper.
Discussant: 10 minutes. Discussants may skip a summary of the paper unless it represents a new way of looking at the issue.
The balance of the time: general questions and answers.