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SI 2016 Real Estate 

Fernando Ferreira and Tomasz Piskorski, Organizers 

July 27-28, 2016 

Royal Sonesta Hotel
Longfellow Room
40 Edwin H. Land Boulevard
Cambridge, Massachusetts



Wednesday, July 27

8:30 am

Coffee and pastries

9:05 am

Daniel W. Shoag, Harvard University
Nicholas Carollo, University of California at Los Angeles
The Causal Effect of Place: Evidence from Japanese-American Internment

Discussant: Donald R. Davis, Columbia University and NBER

9:55 am


10:10 am

David W. Berger, Northwestern University and NBER
Nicholas Turner, Department of the Treasury
Eric Zwick, University of Chicago and NBER
Stimulating Housing Markets

Discussant: Jonathan Parker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER

11:00 am

Elliot Anenberg, Federal Reserve Board
Edward Kung, UCLA
Raven Molloy, Federal Reserve Board
Aurel Hizmo, New York University
The Effect of Mortgage Credit Availability on House Prices and Construction: Evidence from a Frontier Estimation Approach

Discussant: Erik Hurst, University of Chicago and NBER

11:50 am


12:50 pm

Pierre-Philippe Combes, GREQAM
Gilles Duranton, University of Pennsylvania 
Laurent Gobillon, Institut National d'Etudes Demographiques
The Production Function for Housing: Evidence from France

Stuart Rosenthal, Syracuse University

1:40 pm

Morris Davis, Rutgers University
Jesse M. Gregory, University of Wisconsin at Madison and NBER
Daniel Hartley, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Kegon T.K. Tan,
University of Wisconsin at Madison
Neighborhood Choices and Neighborhood Effects

Discussant: Patrick Bayer, Duke University and NBER

2:30 pm


2:45 pm

Theresa Kuchler, New York University
Johannes Stroebel, New York University and NBER
Michael Bailey, Facebook
Ruiqing Cao, Harvard University
Social Networks and Housing Markets

Harrison Hong, Princeton University and NBER

3:35 pm

Maisy Wong, University of Pennsylvania
CMBS and Conflicts of Interest: Evidence from a Natural Experiment on Servicer Ownership

Efraim Benmelech, Northwestern University and NBER

4:25 pm


4:30 pm

Martin Feldstein Lecture

6:00 pm

Clambake at the Royal Sonesta Hotel

Thursday, July 28

8:30 am

Coffee and pastries


Morning session joint with Urban Economics
Hotel Marlowe, Serrano Ballroom

25 Edwin Land Boulevard
Cambridge, MA

9:00 am

Victor Couture, University of California at Berkeley
Jessie Handbury, University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Urban Revival in America, 2000 to 2010

Andrew Haughwout, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

9:50 am

William Strange, University of Toronto
Crocker Liu, Cornell University
Stuart Rosenthal, Syracuse University
The Vertical City: Rent Gradients, Spatial Structure, and Agglomeration Economies

Discussant: Joseph Gyourko, University of Pennsylvania and NBER

10:40 am


11:10 am

Paul S. Willen, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and NBER
Lara Loewenstein, Brandeis University
Christopher Foote, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Cross-Sectional Patterns of Mortgage Debt during the Housing Boom: Evidence and Implications

Discussant: Denise DiPasquale, City Research

12:00 n

Lunch and adjourn