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SI 2015 Economics of IT and Digitization Workshop

Erik Brynjolfsson, Shane Greenstein, Susan Athey, and Hal Varian, Organizers

July 16-17, 2015

Ballroom A
Royal Sonesta Hotel
40 Edwin H. Land Blvd.
Cambridge, MA



Thursday, July 16


8:30 am

Coffee and Pastries


9:00 am

Miguel Godinho de Matos, Catolica Lisbon
Pedro Ferreira, Carnegie Mellon University
Michael D. Smith, Carnegie Mellon University
The Effect of Television Content on Pirate’s Online Activity: Evidence From a Randomized Experiment

Discussant: Joel Waldfogel, University of Minnesota and NBER


9:45 am

Andrey Fradkin, National Bureau of Economic Research
Elena Grewal, Airbnb, Inc.
David Holtz, Airbnb, Inc.
Matthew C. Pearson, Ashenfelter & Ashmore
Bias and Reciprocity in Online Reviews: Evidence from Field Experiments on Airbnb

Discussant: Michael Luca, Harvard University


10:30 am



11:00 am

Greg Wright, University of California, Merced
Paul Gaggl, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
A Short-Run View of What Computers Do: Evidence from a U.K. Tax Incentive

Discussant: Salomé Baslandze, University of Pennsylvania


11:45 am

Brad N. Greenwood, Temple University
Sunil Wattal, Temple University
Show Me The Way To Go Home: An Empirical Investigation of Ride Sharing and Alcohol Related Motor Vehicle Homicide

Discussant: Jonathan Hall, Uber


12:30 pm



Afternoon parallel session A continues in the Ballroom
Dimensions of Privacy


1:45 pm

Garrett A. Johnson, Simon Business School, University of Rochester
The Impact of Privacy Policy on the Auction Market for Online Display Advertising

Discussant: Catherine Tucker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER


2:30 pm

Arslan Aziz, Carnegie Mellon University
Rahul Telang, Carnegie-Mellon University
What is a Cookie Worth?

Discussant: Justin Rao, Microsoft Research


3:15 pm



3:45 pm

Amalia R. Miller, University of Virginia and NBER
Catherine Tucker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
Privacy Protection, Personalized Medicine and Genetic Testing

Discussant: Robert Huckman, Harvard University and NBER


4:30 pm

Ruben Enikolopov, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Alexey Makarin, Northwestern University
Maria Petrova, New Economic School
Social Media and Protest Participation: Evidence from Russia

Discussant: Sinan Aral, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Afternoon parallel session B in the Charles Suite, East Tower
Digitization and Labor


1:45 pm

Lei Xu, McGill University
Tingting Nian, NYU Stern
Luis Cabral, New York University
What Makes Geeks Tick? A Study of Stack Overflow Careers

Discussant: Chris Forman, Georgia Institute of Technology


2:30 pm

Christopher T. Stanton, University of Utah and NBER
Catherine Thomas, London School of Economics
Information Frictions and Observable Experience

Discussant: Ajay K. Agrawal, University of Toronto and NBER


3:15 pm



3:45 pm

John Horton, Stern School of Business, New York University
Reputation Inflation: Evidence from an Online Labor Market

Discussant: Nicola Lacetera, University of Toronto and NBER


4:30 pm

Nan Li, University of Toronto
Labor Market Peer Firms

Discussant: Prasanna Tambe, New York University


5:15 pm

Sessions adjourn


6:00 pm

Digitization Dinner



Hotel Marlowe, Serrano BC Room (across the street from the Royal Sonesta Hotel)


Friday, July 17



Joint morning session with Industrial Organization


9:00 am

Matthew Backus, Cornell University
Tom Blake, ebay Research Labs
Steven Tadelis, University of California at Berkeley and NBER
Cheap Talk, Round Numbers, and the Economics of Negotiation

Discussant: Andrew Sweeting, University of Maryland and NBER


9:50 am



10:05 am

Patrick Bajari, University of Washington and NBER
Guido Imbens, Stanford University and NBER
Ana Gomez Lemmen Meyer, Amazon
Wilko Schulz-Mahlendorf, Amazon
Demand Estimation with High Dimensional Data and an Application to Amazon's Book Marketplace

Discussant: Peter Rossi, University of California at Los Angeles


10:55 am



11:10 am

Dominc Coey, eBay Research Labs
Brad Larsen, Stanford University and NBER
Brennan Platt, Brigham Young University
A Theory of Bidding Dynamics and Deadlines in Online Retail

Discussant:  Gregory Lewis, Microsoft Research New England and NBER


12:00 n

Panel Discussion on the Comcast-Time Warner Merger
Panelists: Mark Israel, Dennis Carlton, Bill Rogerson, Nancy Rose

1:30 pm

Lee G. Branstetter, Carnegie Mellon University and NBER
Matej Drev, Georgia Institute of Technology
Namho Kwon, Carnegie Mellon University
Get With The Program: Software-Driven Innovation in Traditional Manufacturing

Discussant: Kristina McElheran, University of Toronto


2:10 pm



2:25 pm

Neil Thompson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Moore’s Law goes Multicore: The Economic Consequences of a Fundamental Change in how Computers work

Discussant: Kenneth Flamm, University of Texas at Austin


3:05 pm



3:20 pm

Georgios Alaveras, IPTS
Bertin Martens, European Commission
International Trade in Online Services

Discussant: Avi Goldfarb, University of Toronto and NBER


4:00 pm



4:10 pm

Poster slam and reception

Valuing "Free" Media Across Countries in GDP

Rahul Telang
The Effect of Piracy Website Blocking on Consumer Behavior

Christian Helmers
Attention and Saliency in Online Markets

Imke Reimers
Price Discrimination and Consumer Retention: The Case of E-Coupons

Luis Aguiar
Online Copyright Enforcement, Consumer Behavior, and Market Structure

Idris Adjerid
Reducing Healthcare Spending through Electronic Information Exchange: Aligning Provider and Insurer Incentives

Huaxia Rui
Is Technology Eating Nurses? --- Staffing Decisions in Nursing Homes

Wen Wen
Standards, IPR, and Inventive Activity: Evidence from the IETF

Repeated Interactions vs. Social Ties: Quantifying the Economic Value of Trust, Forgiveness, and Reputation Using a Field Experiment

Michael Kummer,
Money and Privacy concerns in Mobile Apps Markets

Akhmed Umyarov

The Value of Employer Reputation in the Absence of Contract Enforcement: A Randomized Experiment


6:00 pm