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SI 2015 Political Economy Public Finance

Stephen Coate and Mikhail Golosov, Organizers

July 15, 2015

Royal Sonesta Hotel

Skyine Rooms

40 Edwin H. land Blvd.

Cambridge, MA


Wednesday, July 15

8:30 am

    Coffee and pastries

9:00 am

    Santiago Oliveros, University of Essex
    Matias Iaryczower, Princeton University
    Competing for Loyalty: The Dynamics of Rallying Support

    Discussant: Ying Chen, Johns Hopkins University

10:00 am

    Roger Myerson, University of Chicago
    Local Agency Costs of Political Centralization

    Discussant: Ruben Enikolopov, Barcelona Institute of Political Economy and Governance

11:00 am


11:20 am

    Karam Kang, Carnegie Mellon University
    Robert Miller, Carnegie Mellon University
    Winning by Default: Why is There So Little Competition in Government Procurement?

    Discussant: Kei Kawai, New York University

12:20 pm

1:20 pm

    Jessica Leight, Williams College
    Rohini Pande, Harvard University and NBER
    Laura Ralston, World Bank
    Value for Money in Purchasing Votes? Vote-buying and Voting Behavior in the Laboratory

    Discussant: Nancy Qian, Yale University and NBER

2:20 pm

    Laurent Bouton, Georgetown University and NBER
    Aniol Llorente-Saguer, Queen Mary, University of London
    Frederic Malherbe, London Business School
    Get Rid of Unanimity: The Superiority of Majority Rule with Veto Power

    Discussant: Richard Van Weelden, University of Chicago

3:20 pm

3:40 pm

    Federico Boffa, Free University of Bolzano
    Amedeo Piolatto, IEB and Unversitat de Barcelona
    Giacomo Ponzetto, CREI, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
    Political Centralization and Government Accountability

    Discussant: Eric Weese, Yale University

4:40 pm

    Charles F. Brendon, University of Cambridge
    Martin Ellison, University of Oxford
    Time-Consistent Institutional Design

    Discussant: Mikhail Golosov, Princeton University and NBER

5:40 pm

6:00 pm
    Clambake at the Royal Sonesta Hotel