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Hydrocarbon Infrastructure and Transportation

James B. Bushnell, Ryan Kellogg, and Erin T. Mansur, Organizers

July 19, 2015

Skyline Room
Royal Sonesta Hotel
40 Edwin Land Boulevard
Cambridge, MA



Sunday, July 19

10:00 am

Opening remarks

10:15 am

Frank A. Wolak, Stanford University and NBER
Proposal to NBER Economics of Hydrocarbon Infrastructure and Transportation Project

Thomas Covert, University of Chicago
Ryan Kellogg, University of Michigan and NBER
Crude by Rail, Option Value, and Railroad Market Power

James B. Bushnell, University of California at Davis and NBER
Jonathan E. Hughes, University of Colorado at Boulder
Aaron Smith, University of California at Davis
Are Railroad Bottlenecks a Second Front in the Battle of Food vs. Fuel?

Charles Mason, University of Wyoming
Analyzing Transport Options for Crude Oil

12:00 noon


1:30 pm

Shaun McRae, University of Michigan
Crude Oil Price Differentials and Pipeline Infrastructure

Evan M. Herrnstadt, University of Michigan
Richard Sweeney, Harvard University
Pipeline Incidents, Prevention Effort, and Local Aversion to Infrastructure Expansion

Karen Clay, Carnegie Mellon University and NBER
Akshaya Jha, Stanford University
Nicholas Muller, Middlebury College and NBER
Economics and Externalities of Moving Crude Oil by Pipelines and Railroads: Evidence from the Bakken Formation

2:45 pm


3:15 pm

Erich Muehlegger, University of California at Davis and NBER
Richard Sweeney, Harvard University
The Fracking Boom, U.S. Oil Export Ban and Re
nery Operations: Evidence from Re
nery Microdata

Nida Cakir Melek, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Michael Plante, Indiana University
Mine Kuban Yucel, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
A Macroeconomic Analysis of the U.S. Crude Export Ban

Christiane J.S. Baumeister, Bank of Canada
Lutz Kilian, University of Michigan
Crude Oil, Gasoline, Ethanol and Corn: Four Markets, Three Markets, Two Markets or One?

4:30 pm


5:00 pm


6:00 pm

Dinner at Catalyst, 300 Technology Square, Cambridge