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SI 2015 Corporate Finance

Malcolm Baker and Adi Sunderam, Organizers

July 6-7, 2015

Ballroom B

Royal Sonesta Hotel
40 Edwin H. Land Blvd.
Cambridge, MA



Monday, July 6

10:00 am

John Bai, University of Southern California
Daniel Carvalho, University of Southern California
Gordon M. Phillips, University of Southern California and NBER
The Impact of Bank Credit on Labor Reallocation and Aggregate Industry Productivity

Geoff Tate, University of North Carolina and NBER

10:50 am


Egor V. Matveyev, University of Alberta
Assortative Matching in Managerial Labor Markets: Theory and Measurement

Augustin Landier, Toulouse School of Economics

12:00 n


1:00 pm

Marco Di Maggio, Columbia University
Amir Kermani, University of California at Berkeley
Sanket A. Korgaonkar, University of California at Berkeley
Deregulation, Competition and the Race to the Bottom

Amit Seru, University of Chicago and NBER

1:50 pm

Taylor D. Nadauld, Brigham Young University
David Lucca, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Karen Shen, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Credit Supply and the Rise in College Tuition: Evidence from the Expansion in Federal Student Aid Programs


Johannes Stroebel, New York University and NBER

2:40 pm


3:10 pm

Itamar Drechsler, New York University and NBER
Alexi Savov, New York University and NBER
Philipp Schnabl, New York University and NBER
The Deposits Channel of Monetary Policy

Juliane Begenau, Harvard University

4:00 pm

Jeremy C. Stein, Harvard University and NBER
Egon Zakrašjek, Federal Reserve Board
David López-Salido, Federal Reserve Board
Credit-Market Sentiment and the Business Cycle

Arvind Krishnamurthy, Stanford University and NBER

4:40 pm


6:00 pm

Group Dinner – Royal Sonesta Hotel, Ballroom B

Tuesday, July 7

8:30 am

Coffee and Pastries

9:00 am

Ian R. Appel, University of Pennsylvania
Todd Gormley, University of Pennsylvania
Donald Keim, University of Pennsylvania
Passive Investors, Not Passive Owners

Nadya Malenko, Boston College

9:50 am


Roni Michaely, Cornell University
Jillian A. Popadak, University of Pennsylvania
Christopher Vincent, Cornell University
The Deleveraging of U.S. Firms and Institutional Investors' Role

Owen Lamont, Harvard University

10:40 am


11:10 am

Arevik Avedian, Harvard University 
Henrik Cronqvist, China Europe International Business School
Marc D. Weidenmier, Claremont McKenna College and NBER
Corporate Governance and the Creation of the SEC

Discussant: Randall Morck, University of Alberta and NBER

12:00 n


Joint session with Risk in the afternoon

1:00 pm

Viral V. Acharya, New York University and NBER
Tim Eisert, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Christian Eufinger, IESE Business School
Christian Hirsch, Goethe-University Frankfurt
Real Effects of the Sovereign Debt Crisis in Europe: Evidence from Syndicated Loans

Heitor Alemeida, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and NBER

1:50 pm

Antonio Falato, Federal Reserve Board

David Scharfstein, Harvard University and NBER

The Stock Market and Bank Risk-Taking

Discussants: Matt Baron, Cornell University

2:40 pm


3:10 pm

Bo Becker, Stockholm School of Economics
Marieke Bos, SIFR, Stockholm School of Economics
Kasper Roszbach, Sveriges Riksbank
Bad Times, Good Credit

Andrew Hertzberg, Columbia University

4:00 pm

Douglas W. Diamond, University of Chicago and NBER
Yunzhi Hu, University of Chicago
Raghuram Rajan, University of Chicago and NBER
Pledgeability, Industry Liquidity, and Financing Cycles

Martin Oehmke, Columbia University

4:40 pm