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Market Design Working Group Meeting


May 15-16, 2009


Susan Athey and Parag Pathak, Organizers


Royal Sonesta Hotel

40 Edwin H. Land Boulevard

Cambridge, Massachusetts




Friday, May 15:


Riverfront Room


8:30 am            Continental Breakfast




9:00 am            Patrick Bajari, University of Minnesota and NBER

Gregory Lewis, Harvard University and NBER

                        Procurement Contracting with Time Incentives:  Theory and Evidence


                        Francesco Decarolis, University of Chicago

When the Highest Bidder Loses the Auction:  Theory and Evidence from Public Procurement


Discussant:  Ken Hendricks, University of Texas at Austin


10:30 am          Coffee Break


Information and Disclosure


10:45 am          Michael Ostrovsky, Stanford University

                        Information Aggregation in Dynamic Markets with Strategic Traders


Luis Rayo, University of Chicago

Ilya Segal, Stanford University

Optimal Information Disclosure


Discussant:  Yeon-Koo Che, Columbia University


12:15 pm         Lunch – University BC


Competition and Markets


1:30 pm            Estelle Cantillon, ECARES

Pai-Ling Yin, MIT

Competition between Exchanges:  Lessons from the Battle of the Bund


Itay Fainmesser, Harvard University

Community Structure and Market Outcomes:  Towards a Theory of Repeated Games in Networks


Discussant:  Attila Ambrus, Harvard University and NBER


3:00 pm           Coffee Break




3:15 pm            Maher Said, Yale University

                        Auctions with Dynamic Populations:  Efficiency and Revenue Maximization


Alex Gershkov and Paul Schweinzer, University of Bonn

                        When Queueing is Better than Push and Shove


                        Discussant:  Dirk Bergemann, Yale University


4:45 pm            Adjourn


6:00 pm            Group Dinner

                        Dante Restaurant at the Royal Sonesta Hotel



Saturday, May 16:


Skyline Room


8:15 am            Continental Breakfast


Spectrum Auctions


8:45 am            Peter Cramton, University of Maryland

                        Spectrum Auction Design


                        Jeremy Bulow and Jonathan Levin, Stanford University and NBER

                        Paul Milgrom, Stanford University

                        Winning Play in Spectrum Auctions


                        Discussant:  Alvin Roth, Harvard University and NBER


10:15 am          Coffee Break


Multi-Unit Allocation


10:30 am          Eric Budish, Harvard University

The Combinatorial Assignment Problem:  Approximate Competitive Equilibrium from Equal Incomes


                        John Kagel, Ohio State University

                        Yuanchuan Lien, California Institute of Technology

Paul Milgrom, Stanford University

                        Ascending Prices and Package Bidding:  A Theoretical and Experimental Analysis


                        Discussant:  Tayfun Sonmez, Boston College


12:00 pm          Lunch - University BC


12:30 pm          Lunch Talk:  Market Design for Troubled Assets


                        Lawrence Ausubel and Peter Cramton, University of Maryland

                        A Troubled Asset Reverse Auction and A Two-Sided Auction for Legacy Loans



Discussion:  Information, Targeting and Advertising


1:30 pm            Susan Athey, Harvard University and NBER

                        Benjamin Edelman, Harvard University

                        David Pennock, Yahoo Research

                        Michael Schwarz, Yahoo Research and NBER


3:45 pm            Adjourn