June 22, 2017

Tokyo, Japan

Conference Code of Conduct

Thursday, June 22
9:14 am
Chair: TBA
9:15 am
Franklin Allen, Imperial College London
Elena Carletti, Bocconi University
Yaniv Grinstein, Cornell University

International Evidence on Firm Level Decisions in Response to the Crisis: Shareholders vs. Other Stakeholders
10:15 am
Coffee Break
10:29 am
Chair: TBA
10:30 am
Benjamin E. Hermalin, University of California

Biased Monitors: Corporate Governance When Managerial Ability is Mis-assessed
11:30 am
Kotaro Inoue, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Naoshi Ikeda, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Sho Watanabe, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Enjoying the Quiet Life: Corporate Decision-Making by Entrenched Managers
12:30 pm
1:29 pm
Chair: TBA
2:30 pm
Hideaki Miyajima, Waseda University
Ryo Ogawa, Chiba University of Commerce
Takuji Saito, Keio University

Changes in Corporate Governance and President Turnover: The Evidence from Japan
3:30 pm
Coffee Break
3:44 pm
Chair: TBA
3:45 pm
Takeo Hoshi, University of Tokyo

Decline of Bank-Led Restructuring in Japan: 1980-2010
5:45 pm
6:30 pm