State and Local Health Plans Conference

Robert L. Clark and Joseph P. Newhouse, Organizers

August 16-17, 2013

Jackson, WY

Conference Code of Conduct

Friday, August 16
Robert Clark, North Carolina State University and NBER
Olivia Mitchell, University of Pennsylvania and NBER

How Does Retiree Health Insurance Influence Public Sector Employee Saving?
Robert Clark, North Carolina State University and NBER
Melinda Morrill, North Carolina State University and NBER
David Vanderweide, North Carolina General Assembly

The Effects of Retiree Health Insurance Plan Characteristics on Retirees' Choice and Employers' Costs
Robert Novy-Marx, University of Rochester and NBER
Joshua Rauh, Stanford University and NBER

Funding Soft Liabilities
Paige Qin
Michael Chernew, Harvard University and NBER

Compensating Wage Differentials and the Impact of Health Insurance in the Public Sector on Wages and Salary
Byron Lutz, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Louise Sheiner, Brookings Institution

Examining the Whole Picture: Retiree Health Obligations and the Long-Term Budget Outlook for the State and Local Government Sector
Maria Fitzpatrick, Cornell University and NBER

Retiree Health Insurance for Public School Employees: Does it Affect Retirement and Mobility?
Jeffrey Clemens, University of California, San Diego and NBER
David M. Cutler, Harvard University and NBER

Who Pays for Public Employee Health Costs?