SI 2023 Economics of National Security

Samuel Bazzi and Eli Berman, Organizers

July 26, 2023

Skyline AB

Royal Sonesta Hotel, 40 Edwin H. Land Blvd., Cambridge, MA and

Conference Code of Conduct

Wednesday, July 26
9:30 am
Coffee and Pastries
9:50 am
Convene and Introductions
10:00 am
Jonah M. Rexer, Princeton University
Ethan B. Kapstein, Princeton University
Andres Rivera, Universidad Javeriana-Cali

Pricing Conflict Risk: Evidence from Sovereign Bonds (slides)
10:45 am
11:00 am
Dzhamilya Nigmatulina, HEC Lausanne and LSE

Sanctions and Misallocation. How Sanctioned Firms Won and Russia Lost (slides)
11:45 am
Joshua Blumenstock, University of California at Berkeley
Michael Callen, London School of Economics
Anastasiia Faikina, Convoy Inc
Stefano Fiorin, Bocconi University
Tarek F. Ghani, Washington University in St. Louis

Strengthening Fragile States: Evidence from Mobile Salary Payments in Afghanistan
12:30 pm
1:30 pm
Naomi Gershoni, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Rania Gihleb, University of Pittsburgh
Assaf Y. Kott, Brown University
Hani Mansour, University of Colorado Denver
Yannay Shanan, Bar Ilan University

Religious Safety Nets and their Effects on Human Capital Accumulation
2:15 pm
2:30 pm
Sangyoon Park, University of Hong Kong
Yutaro Izumi, GRIPS

Education and Wartime Mobilization: Evidence from Colonial Korea during WWII
3:15 pm
3:30 pm
Christopher Blattman, University of Chicago and NBER
Gustavo Duncan, Universidad EAFIT
Benjamin Lessing, University of Chicago
Santiago Tobon, Universidad EAFIT

Civilian alternatives to policing: Evidence from Medellín’s community problem-solving intervention Operación Convivencia (slides)
4:15 pm
Dotan Haim, Florida State University
Nico Ravanilla, University of California San Diego
Renard Sexton, Emory University

Winning "Hearts and Minds'' in Moments of Crisis? Evidence from a Counter-insurgency Field Experiment in the Philippines Before, During and After Covid-19
5:00 pm