SI 2019 Household Finance

Adair Morse, Christopher Tonetti, and Stephen P. Zeldes, Organizers

July 19-20, 2019

Charles Suites

Royal Sonesta Hotel, Edwin H. Land Blvd., Cambridge, MA

Conference Code of Conduct

Friday, July 19
8:30 am
Coffee and Pastries
9:00 am
Adam Looney, University of Utah
Constantine N. Yannelis, University of Chicago and NBER

The Consequences of Student Loan Credit Expansions: Evidence from Three Decades of Default Cycles
Discussant: Daniel Paravisini, London School of Economics
10:00 am
10:30 am
Mi Luo, Peking University
Simon Mongey, University of Chicago and NBER

Assets and Job Choice: Student Debt, Wages and Job Satisfaction
Discussant: Basit Zafar, University of Michigan and NBER
11:30 am
Jing Cai, University of Maryland and NBER
Adam Szeidl, Central European University

Direct and Indirect Effects of Financial Access on SMEs
Discussant: Matthias Kehrig, Duke University and NBER
12:30 pm
1:30 pm
Claudia Robles Garcia, Stanford University

Competition and Incentives in Mortgage Markets: The Role of Brokers
Discussant: Daniel Greenwald, New York University
2:30 pm
Mark L. Egan, Harvard University and NBER
Gregor Matvos, Northwestern University and NBER
Amit Seru, Stanford University and NBER

Arbitration with Uninformed Consumers
Discussant: Giorgia Piacentino, Columbia University and NBER
3:30 pm
4:00 pm
Joao Cocco, London Business School
Francisco Gomes, London Business School
Paula Lopes, London School of Economics

Evidence on Expectations of Household Finances
Discussant: Yueran Ma, University of Chicago and NBER
5:00 pm
6:30 pm
Dinner at Hotel Marlowe (Muse Salon)
across the street from the Royal Sonesta Hotel
Saturday, July 20
8:00 am
Coffee and Pastries
8:30 am
Christine Parlour, University of California at Berkeley
Uday Rajan, University of Michigan
Haoxiang Zhu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Securities and Exchange Comm and NBER

FinTech Disruption, Payment Data, and Bank Information
Discussant: Cecilia Parlatore, New York University and NBER
9:30 am
Vladimir Mukharlyamov, Georgetown University
Natasha Sarin, Yale University

Price Regulation in Two-Sided Markets: Empirical Evidence from Debit Cards
Discussant: Andres Liberman, New York University
10:30 am
11:00 am
Jose Ignacio Cuesta, Stanford University and NBER
Alberto Sepulveda, SBIF

Price Regulation in Credit Markets: A Trade-off between Consumer Protection and Credit Access
Discussant: Daniel Grodzicki, Pennsylvania State University
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
Kyle F. Herkenhoff, University of Minnesota and NBER
Gajendran Raveendranathan, McMaster University

Who Bears the Welfare Costs of Monopoly? The Case of the Credit Card Industry
Discussant: Matteo Benetton, University of California, Berkeley
2:00 pm
Li An, Tsinghua University
Jiangze Bian, University of International Business and Economics
Dong Lou, London School of Economics
Donghui Shi, Shanghai Stock Exchange

Wealth Redistribution in Bubbles and Crashes
Discussant: Niels Joachim Gormsen, University of Chicago
3:00 pm