SI 2019 Development Economics

Robin Burgess, Taryn Dinkelman, Seema Jayachandran, Dean Karlan, Benjamin A. Olken, Manisha Shah, and Daniel Xu, Organizers

July 21-23, 2019

Parkview Room

Royal Sonesta Hotel, Edwin H. Land Blvd., Cambridge, MA

Conference Code of Conduct

Sunday, July 21
12:00 n
1:00 pm
Andrew Foster, Brown University and NBER

Master Lecture: Weight Gains: Measuring Inequality in Panel Data and Other Adventures in Sampling
2:15 pm
2:45 pm
Sean Higgins, Northwestern University

Financial Technology Adoption
Discussant: Tavneet Suri, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
4:00 pm
Clement Imbert, University of Warwick
Marlon Seror, UQAM
Yifan Zhang, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Yanos Zylberberg, University of Bristol

Migrants and Firms: Evidence from China
Discussant: Daniel Xu, Duke University and NBER
5:15 pm
Adjourn, followed by Methods Lecture, Charles Suite
Monday, July 22
8:30 am
Coffee and Pastries
9:00 am
Jonas Hjort, University College London
Diana B. Moreira, University of California, Davis and NBER
Gautam Rao, University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Juan Franc. Santini, Innovations for Poverty Action

Do Research Findings Influence Policy? Experimental Evidence from 2,145 Brazilian Municipalities
Discussant: Rachel Glennerster, University of Chicago and NBER
10:15 am
10:45 am
Raul Sanchez de la Sierra, University of Chicago and NBER
Kristof Titeca, Antwep University

Hierarchical Corruption
Discussant: Raymond Fisman, Boston University and NBER
12:00 n
1:00 pm
Lucie Gadenne, Queen Mary, University of London
Roland Rathelot, ENSAE, Institut Polytechnique de Paris and CREST
Tushar K. Nandi, CTRPFP

Taxation and Supplier Networks: Evidence from India
Discussant: Michael C. Best, Columbia University and NBER
2:15 pm
Juliana Londono Velez, University of California, Los Angeles and NBER

Can Wealth Taxation Work in Developing Countries? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Colombia
Discussant: David G. Seim, Stockholm University
3:30 pm
4:00 pm
Anne Karing, University of Chicago

Social Signaling and Childhood Immunization: A Field Experiment in Sierra Leone
Discussant: Ricardo Perez-Truglia, University of California, Berkeley and NBER
5:15 pm
Tuesday, July 23
8:15 am
Coffee and Pastries
8:45 am
Eliana Carranza, The World Bank
Rob Garlick, Duke University
Kate Orkin, University of Oxford
Neil Rankin, University of Stellenbosch

Job Search and Hiring with Two-sided Limited Information about Workseekers' Skills
Discussant: Rachel M. Heath, University of Washington, Seattle
10:00 am
Kevin Donovan, Yale University
Jianyu Lu, Central Bank of Chile
Todd Schoellman, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Labor Market Flows and Development
Discussant: David Lagakos, Boston University and NBER
11:15 am
11:45 am
Benjamin A. Olken, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER

Master Lecture: The Challenges of Social Protection in the Developing World (slides)
1:00 pm
Adjourn and Lunch