SI 2017 Law & Economics

Christine Jolls, Organizer

July 26-27, 2017

Royal Sonesta Hotel

Conference Code of Conduct

Wednesday, July 26
8:45 am
Coffee and Pastries
9:15 am
Shai Bernstein, Harvard University and NBER
Emanuele Colonnelli, University of Chicago and NBER
Xavier Giroud, Columbia University and NBER
Benjamin Iverson, Brigham Young University

Bankruptcy Spillovers
Discussant: Edward L. Glaeser, Harvard University and NBER
10:10 am
10:25 am
Cem Demiroglu, Koc University
Julian Franks, London Business School
Ryan Lewis, University of Colorado at Boulder

Do Market Prices Improve the Accuracy of Court Valuations in Chapter 11?
Discussant: Ian Ayres, Yale University and NBER
11:20 am
Song Ma, Yale University and NBER
Joy Tianjiao Tong, Ivey Business School, Western University
Wei Wang, Queens University

Selling Innovation in Bankruptcy
Discussant: David Abrams, University of Pennsylvania
12:15 pm
1:15 pm
Haris Tabakovic, The Brattle Group
Thomas G. Wollmann, University of Chicago and NBER

Effects of Regulatory Capture: Evidence from Patent Examiners
Discussant: Paul Oyer, Stanford University and NBER
2:10 pm
2:25 pm
Jennifer Doleac, Arnold Ventures
Benjamin Hansen, University of Oregon and NBER

Does “Ban the Box” Help or Hurt Low-Skilled Workers? Statistical Discrimination and Employment Outcomes When Criminal Histories are Hidden
Discussant: John J. Donohue, Stanford University and NBER
3:20 pm
3:40 pm
Jesse Kalinowski, Quinnipiac University
Matthew B. Ross, Northeastern University
Stephen Ross, University of Connecticut and NBER

Endogenous Driving Behavior in Veil of Darkness Tests for Racial Profiling
Discussant: Jeremy D. West, University of California at Santa Cruz
4:35 pm
David Rivers, University of Western Ontario
Giovanni Mastrobuoni, Collegio Carlo Alberto

Criminal Discount Factors and Deterrence
Discussant: Benjamin Hansen, University of Oregon and NBER
5:30 pm
6:00 pm
Group Dinner at Bambara Restaurant (across the street from the Royal Sonesta Hotel)
Thursday, July 27
8:15 am
Coffee and Pastries
8:55 am
Richard Boylan, Rice University

The Impact of the Voting Rights Act on City Elections and Finances
Discussant: Mitchell Hoffman, University of California, Santa Barbara and NBER
9:50 am
10:00 am
Jorge A. Vasquez, Bank of Canada
Lones Smith, University of Wisconsin

A Theory of Crime and Vigilance
Discussant: Louis Kaplow, Harvard University and NBER
Joint paper with Crime in Longfellow
11:00 am
Beau Kilmer, Rand Corporation
Greg Midgette, University of Maryland

Using Certainty and Celerity to Deter Crime
12:00 noon
Adjourn and Lunch