SI 2017 Children

Janet Currie and Anna Aizer, Organizers

July 27-28, 2017


Royal Sonesta Hotel

Conference Code of Conduct

Wednesday, July 26
6:00 pm
Clambake at the Royal Sonesta Hotel
Thursday, July 27
8:00 am
Coffee and Pastries
Morning joint with Labor Studies in Ballroom B
8:30 am
Bruce Sacerdote, Dartmouth College and NBER
Laura Kawano, University of Michigan
Bill Skimmyhorn, College of William and Mary
Michael Stevens, Department of the Treasury

On the Determinants of Young Adult Outcomes: An Examination of Random Shocks to Children in Military Families
9:20 am
Sandra Black, Columbia University and NBER
Sanni N. Breining, Aarhus University
David N. Figlio, University of Rochester and NBER
Jonathan Guryan, Northwestern University and NBER
Krzysztof Karbownik, Emory University and NBER
Helena Skyt Nielsen, Aarhus University
Jeffrey Roth, University of Florida
Marianne Simonsen, Aarhus University

Sibling Spillovers
10:10 am
10:30 am
Sarah Bana, Stanford University
Kelly Bedard, University of California at Santa Barbara
Maya Rossin-Slater, Stanford University and NBER

The Impacts of Paid Family Leave Benefits: Regression Kink Evidence from California Administrative Data
11:20 am
Douglas L. Miller, Cornell University and NBER
Na'ama Shenhav, Dartmouth College and NBER
Michel Grosz, U.S. Department of Education

Long-term Effects of Head Start: New Evidence from the PSID
12:10 am
1:15 pm
David Card, University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Alessandra Fenizia
David W. Silver, University of California, Santa Barbara and NBER

The Health Effects of Cesarean Section: Evidence from the First Year of Life
2:05 pm
Clara Delavallade, World Bank
Alan Griffith, University of Washington
Rebecca Thornton, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Network Partitioning and Social Exclusion under Different Selection Regimes: Evidence from Adolescent Empowerment in India
2:55 pm
3:10 pm
Elizabeth Ananat, Columbia University and NBER
Molly A. Martin, Pennsylvania State University

Effects of Increased Income on Children's Academic Achievement: Evidence from an Emerging Natural Experiment
4:00 pm
Lucia Corno, Cattolica University
Nicole Hildebrandt, Boston Consulting Group
Alessandra Voena, Stanford University and NBER

Age of Marriage, Weather Shocks, and the Direction of Marriage Payments
4:50 pm
5:00 pm
Methods Lecture, John M. Abowd, U.S. Census Bureau and NBER
Data Matching
Ballroom B
Friday, July 28
8:00 am
Coffee and pastries
8:30 am
Marianne Bitler, University of California, Davis and NBER
Theodore F. Figinski, U.S. Department of the Treasury

Long Run Effects of Food Assistance and Early Human Capital Programs
9:20 am
Michelle M. Marcus, Vanderbilt University and NBER

Going Beneath the Surface: Petroleum Pollution, Regulation, and Health
10:10 am
10:30 am
Nava Ashraf, London School of Economics
Natalie Bau, University of California, Los Angeles and NBER
Corinne S. Low, University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Kathleen McGinn, Harvard University

Negotiating a Better Future: How Interpersonal Skills Facilitate Inter-Generational Investment
11:20 am
Orla Doyle, University College Dublin

The First 2, 000 Days and Child Skills: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment of Home Visiting
12:10 pm
1:10 pm
Richard H. Steckel, The Ohio State University and NBER

A Dreadful Childhood: The Long Shadow of American Slavery
2:00 pm
Maria Micaela Sviatschi, Princeton University and NBER

Making a Narco: Childhood Exposure to Illegal Labor Markets and Criminal Life Paths
2:50 PM
3:00 pm
Fernanda Marquez-Padilla, El Colegio de Mexico

Bombing Good Bacteria: The Effect of Antibiotic Use on Child BMI
3:50 pm
Joseph P. Ferrie, Northwestern University and NBER
Quentin O. Brummet, NORC at the University of Chicago
Claudia Goldin, Harvard University and NBER
Claudia Olivetti, Dartmouth College and NBER
Elizabeth Mokyr Horner, American Institutes for Research
Karen Rolf, University of Nebraska, Omaha

Rosie's Kids: Pre-School Exposure during WWII and Later-Life Outcomes
4:40 PM