Working Group on Race and Stratification

Isaiah Andrews, Rodney J. Andrews, Renee Bowen, Trevon Logan, and Ebonya L. Washington, Organizers

April 8, 2021


Conference Code of Conduct

Friday, April 9
12:00 pm
12:10 pm
Lena Song, Columbia University

Discrimination and Media Diversity: Historical Evidence from U.S. Radio Stations (slides)
Discussants: Lisa D. Cook, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Joel Waldfogel, University of Minnesota and NBER
1:00 pm
1:10 pm
Francisca Antman, University of Colorado
Kalena Cortes, Texas A&M University and NBER

The Long-Run Impacts of Mexican-American School Desegregation
Discussants: Elizabeth U. Cascio, Dartmouth College and NBER
Claudia Galindo, University of Maryland
2:00 pm
2:10 pm
David Arnold, University of California, San Diego and NBER
Will S. Dobbie, Harvard University and NBER
Peter Hull, Brown University and NBER

Towards a Non-Discriminatory Algorithm in Selected Data
Discussants: Maximilian Kasy, University of Oxford
Alex Piquero, University of Miami
3:00 pm
3:10 pm
Ellora Derenoncourt, Princeton University and NBER
Chi Hyun Kim, University of Bonn
Moritz Kuhn, University of Bonn
Moritz Schularick, Kiel Institute for the World Economy & Sciences Po

The Racial Wealth Gap, 1860-2020
Discussants: William Darity, Duke University
Fabian T. Pfeffer, University of Michigan
4:00 pm
4:10 pm
Dan McGee, Princeton University

Emergence of Stereotypes Under Group Competition
Discussants: Mackenzie Alston, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Arjada Bardhi, Duke University
5:00 pm