Distributional Consequences of New Energy Technologies

Catherine Hausman and Arik Levinson, Organizers

June 23-24, 2022

Cambridge, MA and online

Conference Code of Conduct

Thursday, June 23
9:00 am
Continental Breakfast
9:30 am
9:45 am
Jackson Dorsey, University of Texas at Austin
Derek C. Wolfson, University of California, Berkeley

Income and Racial Disparities in Markets for New Energy Technologies
Discussant: Todd D. Gerarden, Cornell University
10:45 am
Gautam Gowrisankaran, Columbia University and NBER
Ashley Langer, University of Arizona and NBER
Konan Hara, University of Arizona

Regulating Power Plant Emissions: Environmental Justice, Enforcement, and Regulator Priorities
Discussant: Ignacia Mercadal, University of Florida
11:45 am
12:00 noon
Lunch - ArtBar Patio
1:00 pm
Josh Blonz, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Brigitte Roth Tran, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Erin E. Troland, Federal Reserve Board of Governors

The Canary in the Coal Decline: Appalachian Household Finance and the Transition from Fossil Fuels
Discussant: Joseph E. Aldy, Harvard University and NBER
2:00 pm
Jonathan M. Colmer, University of Virginia
John L. Voorheis, U.S. Census Bureau

Nice Work if You Can Get It? The Distributional Consequences of the Clean Energy Transition
Discussant: Gilbert E. Metcalf, Tufts University and NBER
3:00 pm
3:30 pm
Dallas Burtraw, Resources for the Future
Maya Domeshek, Resources for the Future
Christoph Funke, Resources for the Future
Daniel L. Shawhan, Resources for the Future
Burçin Ünel, New York University
Ana Varela Varela, New York University
Steven Witkin, Resources for the Future

Distributional Impacts of Carbon Capture Technology
Discussant: David Evans, Environmental Protection Agency
4:30 pm
5:30 pm
Reception and Group Dinner - Skyline Room
Friday, June 24
8:30 am
Continental Breakfast
9:00 am
Andrew R. Waxman, University of Texas at Austin
Sheila Olmstead, University of Texas at Austin

Measuring the Welfare and Distributional Effects of Co-Benefits of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Technology
Discussant: Garth Heutel, Georgia State University and NBER
10:00 am
Cuicui Chen, State University of New York at Albany
Chunyu Guo, State University of New York at Albany
Daiqiang Zhang, State University of New York at Albany

Distributional Consequences of Electrifying the Trucking Industry
Discussant: Shanjun Li, Cornell University and NBER
11:00 am
11:30 am
Irene Jacqz, Iowa State University
Sarah Johnston, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Electric Vehicle Adoption, Air Pollution Disparities, and Subsidy Policy
Discussant: Arik Levinson, Georgetown University and NBER
12:30 pm
Lunch - ArtBar Patio
1:30 pm