36th Annual Conference on Macroeconomics

Martin S. Eichenbaum and Erik Hurst, Organizers

April 8-9, 2021

on Zoom.us

Conference Code of Conduct

Thursday, April 8
11:00 am
Robert E. Hall, Stanford University and NBER
Marianna Kudlyak, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

The Consistent Recovery of US Economy from Every Previous Recession in the Past 70 Years
Discussants: Robert Shimer, University of Chicago and NBER
Ayşegül Şahin, University of Texas at Austin and NBER
12:15 pm
12:30 pm
Titan Alon, University of California at San Diego
Sena Coskun, University of Mannheim
Matthias Doepke, Northwestern University and NBER
David Koll, University of Mannheim
Michèle Tertilt, University of Mannheim

From Mancession to Shecession: Women's Employment in Regular and Pandemic Recessions
Discussants: Laura Pilossoph, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Loukas Karabarbounis, University of Minnesota and NBER
1:45 pm
2:00 pm
Panel: The Tradeoffs of a Higher Federal Debt
Moderator: Raghuram Rajan, University of Chicago and NBER
Lawrence H. Summers, Harvard University and NBER
Carmen Reinhart. World Bank and NBER
Richardo Reis, London School of Economics
3:15 pm
Friday, April 9
11:00 am
Richard Rogerson, Princeton University and NBER
Johanna Wallenius, Stockholm School of Economics

Secular Changes in Employment of Older Individuals
Discussants: Nir Jaimovich, University of Zurich
Mark Bils, University of Rochester and NBER
12:15 pm
12:30 pm
Michael Barnett, Arizona State University
William Brock, University of Wisconsin
Lars P. Hansen, University of Chicago and NBER

Climate Change Uncertainty Spillover in the Macroeconomy
Discussants: Mar Reguant, Northwestern University and NBER
Per Krusell, Stockholm University and NBER
1:45 pm
2:00 pm
Michael Kremer, University of Chicago and NBER
Jack Willis, Columbia University and NBER
Yang You, The University of Hong Kong

Converging to Convergence
Discussants: Rohini Pande, Yale University and NBER
Daron Acemoglu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
3:15 pm