Insurance Working Group Meeting

Benjamin R. Handel and Motohiro Yogo, Organizers

October 22, 2021


Conference Code of Conduct

Friday, October 22
11:00 am
Erasmo Giambona, Syracuse University
Anil Kumar, Aarhus University
Gordon M. Phillips, Dartmouth College and NBER

Hedging and Competition
Discussant: David S. Scharfstein, Harvard University and NBER
11:45 am
Sangmin Oh, University of Chicago
Ishita Sen, Harvard University
Ana-Maria Tenekedjieva, Federal Reserve Board

Pricing of Climate Risk Insurance: Regulatory Frictions and Cross-Subsidies
Discussant: Katherine R.H. Wagner, University of British Columbia
12:30 pm
1:00 pm
Naoki Aizawa, University of Wisconsin-Madison and NBER
Ami Ko, Georgetown University

Dynamic Pricing Regulation and Welfare in Insurance Markets
Discussant: Daniel Gottlieb, London School of Economics
1:45 pm
Mark L. Egan, Harvard University and NBER
Shan Ge, New York University
Johnny Tang, Cornell University

Conflicting Interests and the Effect of Fiduciary Duty — Evidence from Variable Annuities
Discussant: Vivek Bhattacharya, Northwestern University and NBER
2:30 pm
2:45 pm
Marco Cosconati, Bank of Italy and IVASS

The Effect of Insurance Telematics and Financial Penalties on Market-wide Moral Hazard
Discussant: Yizhou Jin, University of Toronto
(this presentation will not be live-streamed and the paper is not available to download)
3:30 pm
Friday, October 29
Joint with Public Economics
11:00 am
Mark Shepard, Harvard University and NBER
Myles Wagner, Ohio State University

Reducing Ordeals through Automatic Enrollment: Evidence from a Health Insurance Exchange
11:40 am
Paul J. Eliason, Brigham Young University and NBER
Riley J. League, National Bureau of Economic Research
Jetson Leder-Luis, Boston University and NBER
Ryan C. McDevitt, Duke University and NBER
James W. Roberts, Duke University and NBER

Ambulance Taxis
12:20 pm
12:40 pm
Lunch Talk
1:30 pm
Group discussions
2:10 pm
2:30 pm
Zarek C. Brot-Goldberg, University of Chicago and NBER
Samantha Burn, Harvard University
Timothy Layton, Harvard University and NBER
Boris Vabson, Harvard University

Rationing Medicine Through Bureaucracy: Authorization Restrictions in Medicare
3:10 pm
Abe Dunn, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Joshua D. Gottlieb, University of Chicago and NBER
Adam Shapiro, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Daniel J. Sonnenstuhl, University of Chicago
Pietro Tebaldi, Columbia University and NBER

A Denial a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
3:50 pm
4:10 pm
Marta Lachowska, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
Isaac Sorkin, Stanford University and NBER
Stephen A. Woodbury, Michigan State University

Firms and Unemployment Insurance Take-Up
4:50 pm
Daniel Herbst, University of Arizona
Nathaniel Hendren, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER

Opportunity Unraveled: Private Information and the Missing Markets for Financing Human Capital (slides)
5:30 pm