Health Economics Program Meeting

Christopher S. Carpenter and Johanna Catherine Maclean, Organizers

December 10, 2021

Cambridge, MA and on

Conference Code of Conduct

Friday, December 10
7:45 am
Continental Breakfast
8:15 am
8:20 am
Monica Deza, Syracuse University and NBER
Thanh Lu, Cornell University
Johanna Catherine Maclean, George Mason University and NBER

Office-Based Mental Healthcare and Juvenile Arrests
8:40 am
Paul J. Eliason, Brigham Young University and NBER
Riley J. League, Duke University
Jetson Leder-Luis, Boston University and NBER
Ryan C. McDevitt, Duke University and NBER
James W. Roberts, Duke University and NBER

Ambulance Taxis: The Impact of Regulation and Litigation on Health Care Fraud
9:00 am
9:10 am
Alex Hollingsworth, Indiana University and NBER
Krzysztof Karbownik, Emory University and NBER
Melissa A. Thomasson, Miami University and NBER
Anthony Wray, University of Southern Denmark

A Gift of Health: The Duke Endowment’s Impact on Hospital Care and Mortality
9:50 am
10:00 am
Emily C. Lawler, University of Georgia and NBER
Katherine G. Yewell, University of Louisville

The Effect of Hospital Postpartum Care Regulations on Breastfeeding and Maternal Time Allocation
10:40 am
10:50 am
Alon Bergman, University of Pennsylvania
Guy David, University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Hummy Song, University of Pennsylvania

"I Quit": The Role of Schedule Volatility in Employee Turnover
11:30 am
Lunch - Parkview Room
12:30 pm
Andrew I. Friedson, University of Colorado Denver
Moyan Li, Indiana University
Katherine Meckel, University of California, San Diego and NBER
Daniel I. Rees, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Daniel W. Sacks, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Cigarette Taxes, Smoking, and Health in the Long Run
1:10 pm
1:20 pm
Michael L. Anderson, University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Lucas W. Davis, University of California, Berkeley and NBER

Uber and Alcohol-Related Traffic Fatalities
2:00 pm
2:10 pm
Sherajum Monira Farin, Georgia State University
Lauren Hoehn-Velasco, Georgia State University
Michael F. Pesko, Georgia State University

The Impact of Legal Abortion on Maternal Health: Looking to the Past to Inform the Present (slides)
2:50 pm
3:00 pm
Stephanie G. Coffey, Syracuse University
Amy Ellen Schwartz, University of Delaware

Towering Intellects? Sizing Up the Relationship Between Height and Academic Success (slides)
3:20 pm
Christopher Carpenter, Vanderbilt University and NBER
Brandyn F. Churchill, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Michelle M. Marcus, Vanderbilt University and NBER

Bad Lighting: Effects of Youth Indoor Tanning Prohibitions
3:40 pm