Health Economics Research Boot Camp

Benjamin R. Handel, Organizer

June 13-14, 2022

University of California, Berkeley

Conference Code of Conduct

Monday, June 13
9:30 am
Introduction to Boot Camp
Ben Handel
10:00 am
Boot Camp Session # 1: Health Insurance Markets
Liran Einav and Ben Handel
12:30 pm
Speaker: Maya Rossin-Slater, Stanford University
Maternal and Infant Health Inequality: New Evidence from Linked Administrative Data
2:00 pm
Boot Camp Session # 2: Physician Decision Making and Organizations
Jon Kolstad and Ziad Obermeier
4:30 pm
6:00 pm
Group Dinner
Tuesday, June 14
9:00 am
Boot Camp Session # 3: Group Questions / Structured Discussion
Ben Handel + others
10:00 am
10:30 am
Boot Camp Session # 4: Health and Innovation
Matt Grennan and Heidi Williams
1:00 pm