Economics of Education Program Meeting

Caroline M. Hoxby, Organizer

April 29-30, 2021

Conference Code of Conduct

Thursday, April 29
11:00 am
Joseph G. Altonji, Yale University and NBER
Zhengren Zhu, Yale University

Returns to Specific Graduate Degrees: Estimates Using Texas Administrative Records
11:50 am
Dylan Conger, George Washington University
Mark Long, University of California, Riverside
Raymond McGhee Jr., Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Advanced Placement and Initial College Enrollment: Evidence from an Experiment
12:40 am
Nathan Jones, Boston University
Matthew A. Kraft, Brown University and NBER
John Papay, Brown University
Leigh R. Wedenoja, Rockefeller Institute of Government

The Benefits of Early and Unconstrained Hiring: Evidence from Teacher Labor Markets
1:30 pm
2:00 pm
Barbara Biasi, Yale University and NBER
Song Ma, Yale University and NBER

The Education-Innovation Gap
2:50 pm
Esteban M. Aucejo, Arizona State University and NBER
Jacob F. French, Arizona State University
Basit Zafar, University of Michigan and NBER

Estimating Students' Valuation for College Experiences
3:40 pm
Daniel Herbst, University of Arizona
Miguel Palacios, University of Calgary
Constantine Yannelis, University of Chicago and NBER

Equity and Incentives in Human Capital Investment
4:30 pm
Virtual Cocktail Hour
5:30 pm
Friday, April 30
11:00 am
Michela M. Tincani, University College London
Fabian Kosse, LMU Munich
Enrico Miglino, University College London

Subjective Beliefs and Inclusion Policies: Evidence from College Admissions
11:50 am
Felipe H. Arteaga Ossa, University of California at Berkeley
Adam Kapor, Princeton University and NBER
Christopher Neilson, Yale University and NBER
Seth D. Zimmerman, Yale University and NBER

Smart Matching Platforms and Heterogeneous Beliefs in Centralized School Choice
12:40 am
Xiaoxiao Li, Villanova University
Sebastian Linde, Texas A&M University
Hajime Shimao, Santa Fe Institute

Major Complexity Index and College Skill Production
1:30 pm
2:00 pm
Anjali Adukia, University of Chicago and NBER
Alex Eble, Columbia University and NBER
Emileigh Harrison, University of Chicago
Hakizumwami B. Runesha, University of Chicago
Teodora B. Szasz, The University of Chicago

What We Teach about Race and Gender: Representation in Images and Text of Children’s Books
2:50 pm
Jake Anders, University College London
Alex Bryson, University College London
Hedvig Horvath, University College London
Bilal Nasim, Institute of Education

The Effects of Pay Decentralisation on Teachers' Pay and Teacher Retention
3:40 pm
Christina Brown, University of Chicago
Supreet Kaur, University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Geeta Kingdon, UCL Institute of Education
Heather Schofield, Cornell University

Attention as Human Capital
4:30 pm