COVID-19 and Health Outcomes

David M. Cutler, Maria Polyakova, and Kosali I. Simon, Organizers

November 18, 2021


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Thursday, November 18
2:00 pm
2:05 pm
Anne Case, Princeton University and NBER
Angus Deaton, Princeton University and NBER

Mortality Rates by College Degree before and during COVID-19
2:30 pm
Matthew Goodkin-Gold, Harvard University
Michael Kremer, University of Chicago and NBER
Christopher Snyder, Dartmouth College and NBER
Heidi L. Williams, Stanford University and NBER

Optimal Vaccine Subsidies for Epidemic and Endemic Diseases (slides)
2:55 pm
3:05 pm
Amalia R. Miller, University of Virginia and NBER
Carmit Segal, University of Zurich
Melissa K. Spencer, University of Richmond

Effects of COVID-19 Shutdowns on Domestic Violence in US Cities
3:30 pm
Sarah J. Reber, University of California, Los Angeles and NBER
Cyrus M. Kosar, Brown University
Shekinah Fashaw, University of Minnesota

Nursing Home Use as a Risk Factor for COVID-19 Mortality: Implications for Racial Disparities
3:55 pm
4:05 pm
Arindrajit Dube, University of Massachusetts Amherst and NBER
Suresh Naidu, Columbia University and NBER
Raymond Kluender, Harvard University
Michael Stepner, University of Toronto

Early Withdrawal of Pandemic Unemployment Insurance: Effects on Earnings, Employment and Consumption
4:15 pm
Maria D. Fitzpatrick, Cornell University and NBER
Katharine Sadowski, Cornell University

Are Schools Protective of Health, Even During a Pandemic? The Effects of School Openings During the COVID-19 Pandemic on Children’s Health Care Usage
4:25 pm
Felix Koenig, Carnegie Mellon University
Massimo Anelli, Bocconi University

Willingness to Pay for Workplace Safety
4:35 pm
Kate Bundorf, Duke University and NBER
Salama Freed, George Washington University
Sumedha Gupta, Indiana University
Nancy Allen Lapointe, Duke University
Hailemichael B. Shone, Indiana University
Kosali I. Simon, Indiana University and NBER

How Did the COVID-19 Health Care Delivery Disruption Affect Medication Use among People with Chronic Conditions? (slides)
4:45 pm
Q & A and discussion
5:00 pm