Children Program Meeting

Anna Aizer and Janet Currie, Organizers

May 2-3, 2019

NBER, 2nd Floor Conference Room, 1050 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

Conference Code of Conduct

Thursday, May 2
8:00 am
Continental Breakfast
8:30 am
Jonathan M. Colmer, University of Virginia
John L. Voorheis, U.S. Census Bureau

Pollution and the Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital: Evidence from the 1970 Clean Air Act
9:20 am
Giuseppe Sorrenti, University of Amsterdam
Ulf Zoelitz, University of Zurich

The Causal Impact of Socio-Emotional Skills Training on Educational Success
10:10 am
10:30 am
Anne Karing, University of Chicago

Social Signaling and Childhood Immunization: A Field Experiment in Sierra Leone
11:20 am
Jonas Lau-Jensen Hirani, University of Copenhagen
Hans Henrik Sievertsen, University of Bristol
Miriam Wüst, University of Copenhagen

Beyond Treatment Exposure: The Timing of Early Interventions and Children's Health
12:10 pm
Speaker: John Gabrieli, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Environmental Influences on the Development of the Human Brain
2:00 pm
Natalie Bau, University of California, Los Angeles and NBER
Martin Rotemberg, New York University
Manisha Shah, University of California, Los Angeles and NBER
Bryce Steinberg, Brown University and NBER

Brain vs. Brawn: Child Labor, Human Capital Investment, and the Role of Dynamic Complementarities
2:50 pm
Kasey Buckles, University of Notre Dame and NBER
Melanie E. Guldi, University of Central Florida
Lucie Schmidt, Smith College and NBER

Fertility Trends in the United States, 1980-2017: The Role of Unintended Births
3:40 pm
4:00 pm
Andrew C. Barr, Texas A&M University and NBER
Alexander A. Smith, West Point

The Effect of Income During Infancy: Evidence from the EITC (slides)
4:50 pm
6:30 pm
Bambara Restaurant
(across the street from the Royal Sonesta Hotel)
25 Edwin H. Land Blvd.
Cambridge, MA
Friday, May 3
8:00 am
Continental Breakfast
8:30 am
Anthony Bald, Harvard University
Eric Chyn, University of Texas at Austin and NBER
Justine S. Hastings, University of Washington and NBER
Margarita Machelett, Bank of Spain

The Causal Impact of Removing Children from Abusive and Neglectful Homes
9:20 am
Anne Ardila Brenoe, University of Zurich

Brothers Increase Women's Gender Conformity
10:10 am
10:30 am
Maria Micaela Sviatschi, Princeton University and NBER
Iva Trako, World Bank

Female Officers, Gender Violence and Children: Evidence from Women Justice Centers in Peru
11:20 am
Bahadir Dursun, Princeton University
Ozkan Eren, University of California at Riverside
My T. Nguyen, Louisiana State University

Curriculum Reforms and Infant Health
12:10 pm