Corporate Finance Program Meeting

Shai Bernstein, Peter M. DeMarzo, Bruce I. Carlin, and Antoinette Schoar, Organizers

November 10, 2017

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Conference Code of Conduct

Friday, November 10
8:00 am
Continental Breakfast
Empirical Corporate Finance
8:30 am
Roni Michaely, University of Hong Kong
Stefano Rossi, Bocconi University
Michael Weber, University of Chicago and NBER

The Information Content of Dividends: Safer Pro fits, not Higher Pro fits
Discussant: Jules H. van Binsbergen, University of Pennsylvania and NBER
9:20 am
Di Li, Georgia State University
Lucian A. Taylor, University of Pennsylvania
Wenyu Wang, Indiana University

Inefficiencies and Externalities from Opportunistic Acquirers
Discussant: S. Vish Viswanathan, Duke University and NBER
10:10 am
10:30 am
Victoria Vanasco, CREI
Brendan Daley, University of Colorado, Boulder
Brett Green, Washington University in St. Louis

Securitization, Ratings, and Credit Supply
Discussant: Philip Bond, University of Washington
11:20 am
Lin William Cong, Cornell University and NBER
Yizhou Xiao, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Persistent Blessings of Luck
Discussant: Matthew Rhodes-Kropf, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
12:10 pm
1:10 pm
Matthew Smith, Department of the Treasury
Danny Yagan, University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Owen M. Zidar, Princeton University and NBER
Eric Zwick, University of Chicago and NBER

Capitalists in the Twenty-First Century
Discussant: Joshua Rauh, Stanford University and NBER
2:00 pm
Taylor Begley, University of Kentucky
Amiyatosh Purnanandam, University of Michigan

Color and Credit: Race, Regulation, and the Quality of Financial Services
Discussant: Christopher A. Parsons, University of Washington
2:50 pm
Financial Distress
3:10 pm
Joao Granja, University of Chicago
Christian Leuz, University of Chicago and NBER

The Death of a Regulator: Strict Supervision, Bank Lending and Business Activity
Discussant: Amit Seru, Stanford University and NBER
4:00 pm
Gabriel Chodorow-Reich, Harvard University and NBER
Antonio Falato, Federal Reserve Board

The Loan Covenant Channel: How Bank Health Transmits to the Real Economy
Discussant: Justin Murfin, Cornell University
4:50 pm
5:30 pm
Schwab-Vidalakis Dining Hall, 680 Serra Street, Stanford, CA 94305