Financial and Economic Decision-Making, Alzheimer's Disease, and Outcomes over the Lifecycle

Julie Bynum and Nicholas W. Papageorge, Organizers

October 7, 2022

Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge, MA

Conference Code of Conduct

Thursday, October 6
7:00 pm
Welcome Dinner at Royal Sonesta Hotel
Friday, October 7
8:30 am
Continental Breakfast - Charles A Room
9:00 am
Welcome, Introductions, and Meeting Objectives – Charles B Room
Julie Bynum & Nicholas Papageorge
9:30 am
Cognition and Decision-Making (how the brain works and ages)
Presenting Panelist: Patricia Boyle
Panelists Duke Han, Robert Willis
Discussion moderated by Nicholas Papageorge
10:15 am
10:25 am
Marker of Disease and Economic Impacts (when it doesn’t work)
Presenting Panelist: Lauren Nicholas
Panelists Jason Karlawish, Duke Han, Ken Langa, Murat Bilgel
Discussion moderated by Julie Bynum
11:15 am
Cognitive Impairment and the Family & Caregivers (impact on near others)
Presenting Panelist: Kathleen McGarry
Panelists Courtney Coile, Ken Langa, Meghan Skira
Discussion moderated by Nicholas Papageorge
12:00 pm
Lunch - Charles A Room, East Tower
1:00 pm
Cognitive Reserve over the Lifecycle (development)
Presenting Panelist: Kevin Thom
Panelists Robert Willis, Courtney Coile, Matthew Davis
Discussion moderated by Julie Bynum
1:45 pm
Economic Decisions in Context of Risk Knowledge (genetics/early dx)
Presenting Panelist: Jason Karlawish
Panelists Matthew Shapiro, Kevin Thom, Jon Skinner, Ami Ko
Discussion moderated by Nicholas Papageorge
2:30 pm
2:40 pm
Challenges & Opportunities in Population Care (medical treatment & long-term care)
Presenting Panelist: Meghan Skira
Panelists Kathleen McGarry, Edward Norton, Amitabh Chandra, Kosali Simon
3:25 pm
Guided Discussion of Next Steps
Julie Bynum & Nicholas Papageorge
4:00 pm
Conference Adjourns