SI 2018 Corporate Finance

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Antoinette Schoar and Amir Sufi, Organizers

July 9-10, 2018

Ballroom A

Royal Sonesta Hotel
40 Edwin H. Land Blvd.
Cambridge, MA

Conference Code of Conduct

Monday, July 9
Corporate Governance
10:20 am
Wei Jiang, Columbia University and NBER
Alon Brav, Duke University and NBER
Tao Li, University of Florida
Picking Friends Before Picking (Proxy) Fights: How Mutual Fund Voting Shapes Proxy Contests
Discussant: Dirk Jenter, London School of Economics
11:10 am
Erik P. Gilje, University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Todd Gormley, Washington University in St. Louis
Doron Y. Levit, University of Pennsylvania
Who’s Paying Attention? Measuring Common Ownership and Its Impact on Managerial Incentives
Discussant: Nancy L. Rose, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
12:00 pm
Corporate Taxes
1:00 pm
Benjamin Hébert, Stanford University and NBER
Eduardo Dávila, Yale University and NBER
Optimal Corporate Taxation Under Financial Frictions
Discussant: S. Vish Viswanathan, Duke University and NBER
1:50 pm
Thomas R. Tørsløv, University of Copenhagen
Ludvig S. Wier, University of Copenhagen
Gabriel Zucman, University of California at Berkeley and NBER
The Missing Profits of Nations
Discussant: C. Fritz Foley, Harvard University and NBER
2:40 pm
Asymentric Information
3:10 pm
Andrey Malenko, University of Michigan
Anton Tsoy, EIEF
Asymmetric Information and Security Design under Knightian Uncertainty
Discussant: Lucy White, Boston University
4:00 pm
Andres Liberman, New York University
Christopher Neilson, Princeton University and NBER
Luis Aniba. Opazo, Chilean Banking Association
Seth D. Zimmerman, University of Chicago and NBER
The Equilibrium Effects of Asymmetric Information: Evidence from Consumer Credit Markets
Discussant: Amir Kermani, University of California at Berkeley and NBER
4:50 pm
Tuesday, July 10
8:15 am
Coffee and Pastries
International Corporate Finance
Tobias Berg, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Anthony Saunders, New York University
Larissa Schaefer, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Sascha Steffen, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
"Brexit" and the Contraction of Syndicated Lending
Discussant: Victoria Ivashina, Harvard University and NBER
9:35 am
Lily Fang, INSEAD
Josh Lerner, Harvard University and NBER
Chaopeng Wu, Xiamen University
Qi Zhang, Xiamen University
Corruption, Government Subsidies, and Innovation: Evidence from China
Discussant: Luigi Zingales, University of Chicago and NBER
10:25 am
10:55 am
Bo Li, Tsinghua University
Zhengwei Wang, Tsinghua University
Hao Zhou, Tsinghua University
China's Anti-Corruption Campaign and Credit Reallocation from SOEs to Non-SOEs
Discussant: TBA
11:45 am
Financial Intermediation
afternoon session is joint with Risks of Financial Institutions
12:45 pm
Ben S. Meiselman, University of Michigan
Stefan Nagel, University of Chicago and NBER
Amiyatosh Purnanandam, University of Michigan
Judging Banks’ Risk by the Profits They Report
Discussant: David Sraer, University of California at Berkeley and NBER
1:35 pm
Juliane Begenau, Stanford University and NBER
Erik Stafford, Harvard University
Do Banks have an Edge?
Discussant: Itamar Drechsler, University of Pennsylvania and NBER
2:25 pm
2:40 pm
Puriya Abbassi, Deutsche Bundesbank
Rajkamal Iyer, Imperial College London
José-Luis Peydró, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Paul Soto, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Dressing up for the Regulators: Evidence from the Largest-Ever Supervisory Review
Discussant: Jeremy C. Stein, Harvard University and NBER
3:30 pm
Viral V. Acharya, New York University and NBER
Katharina Bergant, International Monetary Fund
Matteo Crosignani, University of Michigan
Tim Eisert, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Fergal J. McCann, Central Bank of Ireland
The Anatomy of the Transmission of Macroprudential Policies
Discussant: Adam Guren, Boston University and NBER
4:20 pm
The Feldstein Lecture follows at 4:30 in the West Tower Ballroom
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