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NBER Working Papers and Publications

January 2014Misinformed Speculators and Mispricing in the Housing Market
with Alex Chinco: w19817

Published: Alex Chinco & Christopher Mayer, 2016. "Misinformed Speculators and Mispricing in the Housing Market," Review of Financial Studies, vol 29(2), pages 486-522. citation courtesy of

August 2012A New Look at Second Liens
with Donghoon Lee, Joseph Tracy: w18269
A New Look at Second Liens
with Donghoon Lee, Joseph Tracy
in Housing and the Financial Crisis, Edward L. Glaeser and Todd Sinai, editors
May 2011Mortgage Modification and Strategic Behavior: Evidence from a Legal Settlement with Countrywide
with Edward Morrison, Tomasz Piskorski, Arpit Gupta: w17065

Mayer, Christopher, Edward Morrison, Tomasz Piskorski, and Arpit Gupta. 2014. “Mortgage Modification and Strategic Default: Evidence from a Legal Settlement with Countrywide,” January. (Forthcoming, The American Economic Review) citation courtesy of

December 2010The Inefficiency of Refinancing: Why Prepayment Penalties Are Good for Risky Borrowers
with Tomasz Piskorski, Alexei Tchistyi: w16586

Published: Mayer, Christopher, Tomasz Pisk orski, and Alexei Tchistyi. 2013 . “The Inefficiency of Refinancing: Why Prepayment Penalties Are Good f or Risky Borro wers.” Journal of Financial Economics , Vol. 107(2), 694 - 714.

April 2010Comment on "Reducing Foreclosures: New Easy Answers"
in NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2009, Volume 24, Daron Acemoglu, Kenneth Rogoff and Michael Woodford, editors
February 2010Dispersion in House Price and Income Growth across Markets: Facts and Theories
with Joseph Gyourko, Todd Sinai
in Agglomeration Economics, Edward L. Glaeser, editor
June 2008Subprime Mortgages: What, Where, and to Whom?
with Karen Pence: w14083
August 2006Irreversible Investment, Real Options, and Competition: Evidence from Real Estate Development
with Laarni Bulan, C. Tsuriel Somerville: w12486

Published: Bulan, Laarni & Mayer, Christopher & Somerville, C. Tsuriel, 2009. "Irreversible investment, real options, and competition: Evidence from real estate development," Journal of Urban Economics, Elsevier, vol. 65(3), pages 237-251, May. citation courtesy of

July 2006Superstar Cities
with Joseph Gyourko, Todd Sinai: w12355

Published: Joseph Gyourko & Christopher Mayer & Todd Sinai, 2013. "Superstar Cities," American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, American Economic Association, vol. 5(4), pages 167-99, November. citation courtesy of

Agency Conflicts, Asset Substitution, and Securitization
with Yingjin Hila Gan: w12359
September 2005Assessing High House Prices: Bubbles, Fundamentals, and Misperceptions
with Charles Himmelberg, Todd Sinai: w11643

Published: Himmelberg, Charles, Christopher Mayer and Todd Sinai. "Assessing High House Prices: Bubbles, Fundamentals and Misperceptions," Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2005, v19(4,Fall), 67-92. citation courtesy of

October 2004Do Stock Prices Really Reflect Fundamental Values? The Case of REITs
with William M. Gentry, Charles M. Jones: w10850
Why Do Households Without Children Support Local Public Schools?
with Christian A. L. Hilber: w10804

Published: Hilber, Christian and Christopher Mayer. "Why do households without children support local public schools? Linking house price capitalization to school spending." Journal of Urban Economics 65, 1 (January 2009): 74-90.

October 2002Determinants of Real House Price Dynamics
with Dennis R. Capozza, Patric H. Hendershott, Charlotte Mack: w9262
January 2002Network Effects, Congestion Externalities, and Air Traffic Delays: Or Why All Delays Are Not Evil
with Todd Sinai: w8701

Published: Mayer, Christopher and Todd Sinai. "Network Effects, Congestion Externalities, And Air Traffic Delays: Or Why Not Al Delays Are Evil," American Economic Review, 2003, v93(4,Sep), 1194-1215.

September 2001Dividend Taxes and Share Prices: Evidence from Real Estate Investment Trusts
with William M. Gentry, Deen Kemsley: w8486

Published: William M. Getry & Deen Kemsley & Christopher J. Mayer, 2003. "Dividend Taxes and Share Prices: Evidence from Real Estate Investment Trusts," Journal of Finance, American Finance Association, vol. 58(1), pages 261-282, 02. citation courtesy of

March 2001Loss Aversion and Seller Behavior: Evidence from the Housing Market
with David Genesove: w8143

Published: Genesove, David and Christohper Mayer. "Loss Aversion And Seller Behavior: Evidence From The Housing Market," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2001, v116(4,Nov), 1233-1260. citation courtesy of

July 1995Housing Price Dynamics Within a Metropolitan Area
with Karl E. Case: w5182

Published: Regional Science & Urban Economics, vol. 26, no. 3-4, pp. 387-407, June 1996 citation courtesy of

September 1994Equity and Time to Sale in the Real Estate Market
with David Genesove: w4861

Published: American Economic Review, june 1997. citation courtesy of

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