Slides Upload: SI 2019 Development of the American Economy

July 8-11, 2019

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  • Michela Giorcelli, Nicola Lacetera, Astrid Marinoni [upload slides] ,
    Does Scientific Progress Affect Culture? A Digital Text Analysis
  • Heyu Xiong, Yiling Zhao [upload slides] ,
    Sectarian Competition and the Market Provision of Human Capital
  • Ahmed Rahman [upload slides] ,
    Officer Retention and Military Spending - The Rise of the Military Industrial Complex during the Second World War
  • Ellora Derenoncourt [upload slides] ,
    Can You Move to Opportunity? Evidence from the Great Migration
  • Gary Richardson, Brian S. Yang [upload slides] ,
    Origins of Too Big to Fail: Commercial Bank's Stock Returns and the Banking Reforms of the 1930s
  • Walker Hanlon, Taylor Jaworski [upload slides] ,
    Spillover Effects of IP Protection in the Interwar Aircraft Industry
  • Peter D. Nencka, Enrico Berkes [upload slides] ,
    `Novel' Ideas: The Effects of Carnegie Libraries on Innovative Activities
  • Jaime Arellano-Bover [upload slides] ,
    Displacement, Diversity, and Mobility: Career Impacts of Japanese American Internment
  • Jeremiah Dittmar [upload slides] ,
    The Economic Origins of Modern Science: Technology, Institutions, and Markets
  • Chenzi Xu [upload slides] ,
    Reshaping Global Trade: The Immediate and Long-term Effects of Bank Failures
  • Abhay Aneja, Carlos Avenancio [upload slides] ,
    The Effect of Political Power on Labor Market Inequality: Evidence from the 1965 Voting Rights Act
  • Lisa D. Cook, Maggie EC. Jones, Trevon Logan, David Rose [upload slides] ,
    The Green Books and the Geography of Segregation in Public Accommodations
  • Carolyn Moehling, Gregory Niemesh, Melissa A. Thomasson [upload slides] ,
    Shut Down and Shut Out: Women Physicians in the Era of Medical Education Reform
  • Jhacova Williams [upload slides] ,
    Confederate Streets and Black-White Labor Market Differentials
  • Asaf Bernstein [upload slides] ,
    The Costs of Curbing Speculation: Evidence from the Establishment of "Investment Grade"
  • Martin Fiszbein, Federico Droller [upload slides] ,
    Staple Products, Linkages, and Development: Evidence from Argentina
  • Shari Eli, Laura Salisbury [upload slides] ,
    The Intergenerational Transmission of Welfare Receipt
  • Amanda Guimbeau, Nidhiya Menon, Aldo Musacchio [upload slides] ,
    Influenza the South American Way: The Long Run Impact of the 1918 Pandemic In Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Luke Stein, Constantine N. Yannelis [upload slides] ,
    Financial Inclusion, Human Capital, and Wealth Accumulation: Evidence from the Freedman's Savings Bank
  • Santiago Pérez [upload slides] ,
    Southern (American) Hospitality: Italians in Argentina and the US during the Age of Mass Migration
  • Gillian Brunet [upload slides] ,
    After the War: Wartime Saving and Postwar Housing Investment, 1946-1950
  • Eric C. Edwards, Steven M. Smith [upload slides] ,
    Technological Change and Climatic Resiliency: Evidence from Irrigation in the United States
  • Martin H. Saavedra [upload slides] ,
    Kenji or Kenneth? Pearl Harbor and Japanese-American Assimilation
  • Sarah Quincy [upload slides] ,
    "Loans for the Little Fellow:" Credit, Crisis, and Recovery in the Great Depression
  • Ricard Gil, Justin Marion [upload slides] ,
    Why did Firms Practice Segregation? Evidence from Movie Theaters during Jim Crow
  • Daniel Aaronson, Mark J. Borgschulte, Bhashkar Mazumder [upload slides] ,
    Schooling and Political Activism in the Early Civil Rights Era
  • Kilian Huber, Volker Lindenthal, Fabian Waldinger [upload slides] ,
    Discrimination, Managers, and Firm Performance: Evidence from "Aryanizations" in Nazi Germany
  • Haelim Anderson, Daniel Barth, Dong Beom Choi [upload slides] ,
    Does Increased Shareholder Liability Always Reduce Bank Moral Hazard?
  • Michael J. Andrews [upload slides] ,
    Bar Talk: Informal Social Interactions, Alcohol Prohibition, and Invention
  • Xinyu Fan, Lingwei Wu [upload slides] ,
    The Economic Motives for Foot-binding
  • Kristian Blickle, Markus K. Brunnermeier, Stephan Luck [upload slides] ,
    Micro-evidence from a System-wide Financial Meltdown - The German Crisis of 1931
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