Slides Upload: Market Design Working Group Meeting

October 18-19, 2019

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  • Liran Einav, Amy Finkelstein, Yunan Ji, Neale Mahoney [upload slides] ,
    Voluntary Regulation: Evidence from Medicare Payment Reform
  • Gianluca Brero, Benjamin Lubin, Sven Seuken [upload slides] ,
    Machine Learning-Powered Iterative Combinatorial Auctions
  • Marek Pycia [upload slides] ,
    Evaluating with Statistics: Which Outcome Measures Differentiate Among Matching Mechanisms?
  • Daniel C. Waldinger [upload slides] ,
    Targeting In-Kind Transfers Through Market Design: A Revealed Preference Analysis of Public Housing Allocation
  • Mohammad Akbarpour, Julien Combe, Yinghua He, Victor Hiller, Robert Shimer, Olivier Tercieux [upload slides] ,
    Unpaired Kidney Exchange: Overcoming Double Coincidence of Wants without Money
  • Nicole Immorlica, Jacob D. Leshno, Irene Y. Lo, Brendan Lucier [upload slides] ,
    Information Acquisition Costs in Matching Markets
  • Yannai A. Gonczarowski, Lior Kovalio, Noam Nisan, Assaf Romm [upload slides] ,
    Matching for the Israeli "Mechinot" Gap-Year Programs: Handling Rich Diversity Requirements
  • Joshua Angrist, Parag A. Pathak, Roman Zarate [upload slides] ,
    Choice and Consequence: Assessing Mismatch at Chicago Exam Schools
  • Amanda Y. Agan, Bo Cowgill, Laura K. Gee [upload slides] ,
    Salary Disclosure and Hiring: Field Experimental Evidence from a Two-Sided Audit Study
  • Tayfun Sönmez, M. Bumin Yenmez [upload slides] ,
    Affirmative Action in India via Vertical and Horizontal Reservations
  • Nick Arnosti, Peng Shi [upload slides] ,
    Design of Lotteries and Waitlists for Affordable Housing Allocation
  • Christina Aperjis, Lawrence Ausubel, Oleg V. Baranov [upload slides] ,
    Supply Reduction in the Broadcast Incentive Auction
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