Slides Upload: International Seminar on Macroeconomics

June 29-30, 2018

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  • Atsushi Inoue, Barbara Rossi [upload slides] ,
    The Effects of Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policy on Exchange Rates
    Discussant: Refet S. Gürkaynak [upload slides]
    Discussant: Giovanni Ricco [upload slides]
  • Björn Richter, Moritz Schularick, Ilhyock Shim [upload slides] ,
    The Costs of Macroprudential Policy
    Discussant: Silvana Tenreyro [upload slides]
    Discussant: Ozge Akinci [upload slides]
  • Luigi Bocola, Alessandro Dovis, Gideon Bornstein [upload slides] ,
    Quantitative Sovereign Default Models and the European Debt Crisis
    Discussant: Yan Bai [upload slides]
    Discussant: Leonardo Martinez [upload slides]
  • Ester Faia, Sebastien Laffitte, Gianmarco Ottaviano [upload slides] ,
    Foreign Expansion, Competition and Bank Risk
    Discussant: joseluis_peydro [upload slides]
    Discussant: Neeltje Van Horen [upload slides]
  • Alexander Bick, Bettina Brueggemann, Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, Hannah Paule-Paludkiewicz [upload slides] ,
    Long-Term Changes in Married Couples’ Labor Supply and Taxes: Evidence from the U.S. and Europe Since the 1980s
    Discussant: Nezih Guner [upload slides]
    Discussant: Henry E. Siu [upload slides]
  • Anna Cieslak, Andreas Schrimpf [upload slides] ,
    Non-Monetary News in Central Bank Communication
    Discussant: Christopher Neely [upload slides]
    Discussant: Roland Straub [upload slides]
  • Marco Del Negro, Domenico Giannone, Marc Giannoni, Andrea Tambalotti [upload slides] ,
    Global Trends in Interest Rates
    Discussant: Carlo Favero [upload slides]
    Discussant: Stefano Neri [upload slides]
  • Jing Cynthia Wu, Ji Zhang [upload slides] ,
    Global Effective Lower Bound and Unconventional Monetary Policy
    Discussant: Peter Karadi [upload slides]
    Discussant: Anna Lipinska [upload slides]
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