Call for Papers:
Big Data and Security Markets

Papers that are submitted for presentation at this conference may also be submitted, simultaneously, for consideration by the editors of the Review of Financial Studies (RFS) under its dual review system. There is no cost for this dual submission option. Authors who are submitting papers for potential presentation at the conference need not take advantage of this dual submission option -- it is just that, an option. For a paper to be considered under the RFS dual submission option, it may not be under review at or under invited revision from any journal, including the RFS, until the author has been notified of the outcome of the dual submission process. The details of the dual submission program may be found here. Papers rejected at any stage of the dual review process are not considered to have been "rejected" at the RFS, which means that the authors may submit a future version of the paper to the RFS even if the paper is not accepted in connection with the conference.

To submit a paper for consideration for the conference, and the RFS dual submission option, please follow the first link below. To submit a paper for consideration for the conference, but not by the RFS, please follow the second link below.

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