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Corporate Finance Program Meeting

Malcolm Baker and Samuel Hanson, Organizers

November 4, 2016

Royal Sonesta Hotel
Longfellow Room
40 Edwin H. Land Boulevard
Cambridge, MA



Friday, November 4


8:00 am

Continental Breakfast

8:30 am


Jason R. Donaldson, Washington University in St Louis
Denis Gromb, INSEAD
Giorgia Piacentino, Washington University in St. Louis
The Paradox of Pledgeability

Discussant: Adriano Rampini, Duke University and NBER

9:20 am

Marco Di Maggio, Harvard University and NBER
Amir Kermani, University of California at Berkeley and NBER
Christopher Palmer, University of California at Berkeley
How Quantitative Easing Works: Evidence on the Refinancing Channel

Discussant: Alexi Savov, New York University and NBER

10:10 am


10:30 am

Sumit Agarwal, Georgetown University
Souphala Chomsisengphet, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Neale Mahoney, University of Chicago and NBER
Johannes Stroebel, New York University and NBER
Do Banks Pass Through Credit Expansions to Consumers Who Want To Borrow?
Evidence from Credit Cards

Discussant: Atif Mian, Princeton University and NBER

11:20 am

Hong Ru, Nanyang Technological University
Antoinette Schoar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
Do Credit Card Companies Screen for Behavioral Biases?

Discussant: John Beshears, Harvard University and NBER

12:10 pm

Lunch - Dante Restaurant

1:20 pm


Olivier Dessaint, University of Toronto
Thierry Foucault, HEC School of Management
Laurent Frésard, University of Maryland
Adrien Matray, Princeton University
Ripple Effects of Noise on Corporate Investment

Discussant: Jeffrey Wurgler, New York University and NBER

2:10 pm

Jean-Noel Barrot, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ramana Nanda, Harvard University and NBER
Can Paying Firms Quicker Affect Aggregate Employment?

Discussant: Eric Zwick, University of Chicago and NBER

3:00 pm


3:20 pm


Aleksander Andonov, Erasmus University
Yael Hochberg, Rice University and NBER
Joshua Rauh, Stanford University and NBER
Political Representation and Governance: Evidence from the Investment Decisions of Public Pension Funds

Discussant: Randolph Cohen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

4:10 pm

Alan M. Benson, University of Minnesota- Twin Cities
Danielle Li, Harvard University
Kelly Shue, University of Chicago and NBER
Can Promotion Tournaments Produce Bad Managers? Evidence of the “Peter Principle”

Discussant: Paige Ouimet, University of North Carolina

5:00 pm



6:00 pm

Joint Dinner
Hotel Marlowe
25 Edwin H. Land Boulevard (across the street from the Royal Sonesta Hotel)

Cambridge, MA