Network on Valuing Health Research

“Kickoff Meeting”


Royal Sonesta Hotel
Skyline A Room, West Tower
40 Edwin H. Land Blvd.
Cambridge, MA


July 17, 2015


8:00                 Welcome (coffee and pastries are available in the Grand Ballroom in the same tower)


8:30                 Open Discussion


Introduction              Purpose of the grant is to advance scientific thinking and knowledge about the impact of health research in the broadest sense:

·         to organize a network of researchers who are interested in the impact of health research

·         to gather this group regularly, and

·         to stimulate research on these topics.

Specific Aims

  1. Convene a group of senior and junior scholars currently active in this area to identify important research priorities and possible new researchers on these topics, with a particular focus on areas that cross disciplinary boundaries and bring new perspectives to bear on the key questions.
  2. Organize at least one annual meeting of the core group and others to discuss research results in these areas, suggest additional valuable research, and develop strategies to attract senior and junior researchers from outside the network to pursue research relevant to the network.
  3. Convene a full-day meeting at the NBER Summer Institute at least every other year, and sponsor ongoing seminars at both the NBER and IFS, focused on questions underlying the value of research.
  4. Spur development of novel approaches to this topic by (i) commissioning small scale pilot projects to support development of novel or high risk approaches to advance these goals, and (ii) supporting preliminary studies and research papers with potential to form a founding basis for future independent research in areas relevant to these goals. The funding would be open to the range of scholars from Ph.D. students to more senior faculty.
  5. Start and maintain a web site devoted to measuring the value of research.


Specific questions

·         research direction and priorities

·         potential participants

·         making the network productive

·         involving as many people as possible



11:00 am         Adjourn