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30th Annual Conference on Macroeconomics

Martin Eichenbaum and Jonathan Parker, Organizers

April 17 and 18, 2015


The Royal Sonesta Hotel

Ballroom A

40 Edwin H. Land Blvd.

Cambridge, MA



Friday, April 17:


8:30 am

Continental Breakfast



9:00 am

Nicola Gennaioli, Università Bocconi

Yueran Ma, Harvard University

Andrei Shleifer, Harvard University and NBER

Expectations and Investment



Discussants:    Chris Sims, Princeton University and NBER

                         Monika Piazzesi, Stanford University and NBER



10:30 am




11:00 am

Tao Zha, Emory University and NBER

Chun Chang, SAIF Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Kaiji Chen, Emory University

Daniel F. Waggoner, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Trends and Cycles in China's Macroeconomy



Discussants:  Mark Watson, Princeton University and NBER

                      John Fernald, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco



12:30 pm

Lunch – Skyline Rooms


 2:00 pm

Hanming Fang, University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Quanlin Gu, Peking University

Wei Xiong, Princeton University and NBER

Li-An Zhou, Peking University

Demystifying the Chinese Housing Boom


Discussants:   Martin Schneider, Stanford University and NBER

                        Erik Hurst, University of Chicago and NBER

3:30 pm




4:00 pm

Daron Acemoglu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER

Ufuk Akcigit, University of Pennsylvania and NBER

William Kerr, Harvard University and NBER


Network and the Macroeconomy:  An Empirical Exploration



Discussants:    Xavier Gabaix New York University and NBER

                        Lawrence Christiano, Northwestern University and NBER


5:30 pm

Adjourn and Group Dinner - Skyline Rooms


Dinner speaker:  Ben Bernanke, Brookings Institution



Saturday, April 18:



8:30 am

Continental Breakfast



9:00 am

Regis Barnichon, CREI

Andrew Figura, Federal Reserve Board

Declining Desire to Work and Downward Trends in Unemployment and Participation



Discussants:  Richard Rogerson, Princeton University and NBER

                       Robert Hall, Stanford University and NBER



10:30 am




11:00 am

Cristina Arellano, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and NBER

Andrew Atkeson, University of California at Los Angeles and NBER

Mark L. J. Wright, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and NBER


External and Public Debt Crises



Discussants     Ricardio Reis, Columbia University and NBER

                        Harald Uhlig, University of Chicago and NBER



12:30 pm