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Law and Economics Program Meeting


Christine Jolls, Organizer



2rd floor Conference Room

1050 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA


February 20, 2015




7:15 am

Shuttle van departs from the Royal Sonesta Hotel for the NBER


7:30 am

Continental Breakfast



8:00 am

Felix Oberholzer-gee, Harvard Business School and NBER


(Joint with Megan Lawrence is at Harvard Business School and Victor Canalog, Reiss, Inc.)


Bidding for Business: Tax Discrimination as Local Industrial Policy




Discussant: Eric Zitzewitz, Dartmouth College and NBER



8:55 am

Brad Larsen, Stanford University and NBER


Occupational Licensing and Quality: Distributional and Heterogeneous Effects in the Teaching Profession




Discussant: Lisa Kahn, Yale School of Management and NBER



9:50 am




10:00 am

Lauren Cohen, Harvard Business School and NBER


(Joint with Umit G. Gurun, University of Texas at Dallas, and Scott Duke


Kominers, Harvard University)


Patent Trolls: Evidence from Targeted Firms




Discussant: Mariassunta Giannetti, Stockholm School of Economics



10:55 am

Kathryn Spier, Harvard Law School and NBER, and JJ Prescott, University of Michigan Law School


Tailored Suits: Contracting on Litigation



Discussant: Rohan Pitchford, Australian National University


11:50 am

Andrew Daughety and Jennifer Reinganum, Vanderbilt University


Informal Sanctions on Prosecutors and Defendants and the Disposition of

Criminal Cases




Discussant: Mark Ramseyer, Harvard Law School

12:45 pm




1:30 pm

Adair Morse, Haas School, University of California at Berkeley, and NBER


(Joint with Wei Wang, Queens University, and Serena Wu, Queens University)


Executive Gatekeepers: Useful and Divertible Governance




Discussant: Scott Schaefer, Eccles School of Business, University of Utah



2:25 pm

Jialan Wang, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


(Joint with Benjamin J. Keys, Harris School of Public Policy, University of




Minimum Payments and Debt Paydown in Consumer Credit Cards




Discussant: Damon Jones, Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago, and NBER



3:20 pm




3:40 pm

Mauricio Larrain, Columbia Business School


(Joint with Charles W. Calomiris, Columbia Business School and NBER, Jose Liberti, DePaul University, and Jason Sturgess, DePaul University)


How Collateral Laws Shape Lending and Sectoral Activity




Discussant: Baozhong Yang, Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University



4:35 pm

Crystal Yang, Harvard Law School


(Joint with Will Dobbie, Princeton University and NBER, and Paul Goldsmith-


Pinkham, Harvard University)


Consumer Bankruptcy and Financial Health




Discussant: Geng Li, Federal Reserve Board



5:30 pm




6:00 pm

Group Dinner Sandrine's Bistro, 8 Holyoke Street, Cambridge, MA