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Asset Pricing Program Meeting

Nikolai Roussanov and Jules H. van Binsbergen, Organizers

April 10, 2015

 University of Chicago
Gleacher Center, Booth School of Business (Downtown Chicago)
Room 400
450 North Cityfront Plaza Drive
Chicago, IL



8:00 am

Continental Breakfast

8:30 am

William Fuchs, University of California at Berkeley
Brett Green, University of California at Berkeley
Dimitris Papanikolaou, Northwestern University and NBER
Adverse Selection, Slow Moving Capital and Misallocation

Discussant: Lukas Schmid, Duke University

9:30 am


9:45 am

Nicolae B. Garleanu, University of California at Berkeley and NBER
Stavros Panageas, University of Chicago and NBER
Jianfeng Yu, University of Minnesota
Impediments to Financial Trade: Theory and Measurement

Discussant: Jonathan Berk, Stanford University and NBER

10:45 am


11:00 am

Andrea Buffa, Boston University
Dimitri Vayanos, London School of Economics and NBER
Paul Woolley, London School of Economics
Asset Management Contracts and Equilibrium Prices

Discussant: Zhigue He, University of Chicago and NBER

12:00 pm

Lunch- Executive Dining Room 621

1:15 pm

Martin Lettau, University of California at Berkeley and NBER
Sydney C. Ludvigson, New York University and NBER
Sai Ma, New York University
Capital Share Risk and Shareholder Heterogeneity in U.S. Stock Pricing

Discussant: Hanno Lusting, University of California at Los Angeles and NBER

2:15 pm


2:30 pm

Peter Feldhuetter, London Business School
Stephen Schaefer, London Business School
The Credit Spread Puzzle in the Merton Model - Myth or Reality?

Discussant: Hui Chen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER

3:30 pm


3:45 pm

Anna Cieslak, Northwestern University
Adair Morse, University of California at Berkeley and NBER
Annette Vissing-Jorgensen, University of California at Berkeley and NBER
Stock Returns over the FOMC Cycle

Discussant: Mungo Wilson, Oxford University

4:45 pm


6:00 pm

Joint Reception and Dinner
University of Chicago
Gleacher Center-Executive Dining Room 621
450 North Cityfront Drive
Chicago, IL