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EF&G Research Meeting

Robert Shimer and Michael Woodford, Organizers

February 7, 2014

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street
10th Floor, Benjamin Strong Room
New York, NY



Thursday, February 6:

6:30 pm

Group Dinner
Federal Reserve Bank of New York (participants must enter at 44 Maiden Lane)
1st Floor, Liberty Room

Friday, February 7:

8:30 am

Continental Breakfast

9:00 am

Charles Carlstrom, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Timothy Fuerst, University of Notre Dame
Matthias Paustian, Federal Reserve Board
Targeting Long Rates in a Model with Segmented Markets

Discussant:  Mark Gertler, New York University and NBER

10:00 am


10:30 am

Fernando Alvarez, University of Chicago and NBER
Herve Le Bihan, Banque de France
Francesco Lippi,
Small and Large Price Changes and the Propagation of Monetary Shocks

Discussant:  Virgiliu Midrigan, New York University and NBER

11:30 am

Bill Dupor, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Rong Li, Ohio State University
The 2009 Recovery Act and the Expected Inflation Channel of Government Spending

Discussant:  Gauti Eggertsson, Brown University and NBER

12:30 pm

Lunch - 1st Floor, Liberty Room

1:30 pm

Roger Farmer, University of California at Los Angeles and NBER
Carine Nourry, University of the Mediterranean
Alain Venditti, University of the Mediterranean
The Inefficient Markets Hypothesis: Why Financial Markets Do Not Work Well in the Real World

Discussant:  Nobuhiro Kiyotaki, Princeton University and NBER

2:30 pm


3:00 pm

Gabriel Chodorow-Reich, Harvard University
Loukas Karabarbounis, University of Chicago and NBER
The Cyclicality of the Opportunity Cost of Employment

Discussant:  Robert Hall, Stanford University and NBER

4:00 pm

Anna Orlik, Federal Reserve Board
Laura Veldkamp, New York University and NBER
Understanding Uncertainty Shocks and the Role of Black Swans

Discussant:  Jennifer La'O, Columbia University and NBER

5:00 pm


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